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Oxford wants to know when you’re coming over for pumpkin bread🍁
Yes I know I'm probably the last one to publicly say it, but no I didn't forget. Happy birthday to my beautiful wife! The one who will tag along with me to Lowes even tho she doesn't love it, pushes me to try new things (CrossFit) which by the way I'm so proud of her for doing, and she is a beast at it! Loves running, her dog, the outdoors, and jumping into my pictures! You make my life happy, fun, and perfect in more ways than imaginable! Hope you had the most wonderful birthday cupcake! Love you! 😘#birthdaywife
Visited @appalachiancoffeehouse on the way home from vacation. Really cool location and amazing drinks!
Yesterday's visit to Charleston SC.
Saw these guys on the island while out on a bike ride today. They are no stranger to humans seeing how they allowed me to get less than 10 feet from them and never flinched. #vacation #seabrookisland #deer
Missing my other half the past few days, but so so proud of her for working so hard and never giving up on the pursuit of what she loves! She is truely the greatest thing thats ever happened in my life! See you in less than 2 days baby!
Happy anniversary to my sweet and perfect best friend! A year ago today I thought I could never be I've found that I was so wrong because I become more and more happy and thankful with my life every day! Thank you for being better than anything that I could have ever imagined! I love you lauren! #happilyeverglover #oxfordglover
So tonight we went to tailpipes and I tried out the backwoods burger. After having had most everything on their menu and a large percentage of their specials..this one smashes them all. So much so that I ordered a second one.. #tailpipes #tailpipeswv #morgantown #wv
Someone is getting spoiled. Gifts from aunt @meggerabeth last night and going to the lake today! #oxfordglover #weimaraner #puppy #blueweim
And the training has begun! Little Oxford is already doing great! #oxfordglover #weimaraner #puppy
Sooo someone got me to run today..if there was ever a good day for a run today was it! She's a beast and she killed me! Blessed to have a life partner who loves fitness as much as I do! #run
Bulls Wizards game and a day in DC. Thanks to my beautiful wife for the wonderful surprise! Even though they lost I had a blast at the game and love seeing some of the history of this great nation! #bestwife #bulls #dc #swipeleft @laurenmckeeglover
The tsunami didn't keep us from the gym this morning 💪🏼
Happy Valentine's Day to my beautiful wife!! I love you more than life. Throw back to some NYC and Christmas pictures that I'm terrible at remembering to post. 🙂Also thanks for the wonderful gift! Hint to be found within the photo.. #valentines #wife
Recently refinished our dining room table. Parts didn't soak up as well as I had hoped, but overall happy with how it turned out! #home #table #refinish