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Omfg! So fat! Just downed the Lardo Lobster Roll and I have to say it was amazing. It was definitely on par, and possibly, beat the version I had in Maine. Sadly the cheesy beef from one of my favorite vendors, Pastrami Zombie, was tasty but did not come close to beating Portillos. #PdxNightMarket
My new favorite way to take conference calls, especially on the weekends. Roscoe just came up, and laid down over me. It was priceless. What wasn’t shown was Nermal was also on my stomach. I love having pets run around the crib. They are my #remotework office mates, and they would steal all of our food from the fridge if we let them. #WorkHardPlayHarder #NeverGiveUp
When I hear people whining on the internet, I am reminded of this chart from school back in the day. Yes, I will still watch football. Yes, the comedians I listen to are offensive. Yes, we have different views. Yes, I respect you. Yes, I will defend your right to free speech when we disagree. Stop whining. Stop complaining. Like Gary Vaynerchuk screams, no one cares.
It's never to late to cook up a steak, especially after taking the big dbs for a run. This week I'm going to shoot for 5 days at the #ChurchOfIron instead of 3! #Gains #SWOL #80hrWeeks #WorkHardPlayHarder #FitnessFocused
Located in a conference room at the SBC, now AT&T, Hoffman Estates Illinois headquarters, I looked around and no one knew what to say. Sadness. Anger. Confusion. To this day, I will never forget watching the buildings fall on 9/11. I will never forgot watching the first responders rushing in to save others only to be buried alive. Our country is far from perfect, there is not a perfect country on earth. Remembering these dreadful moments keeps us closer together and strengthens the resolution to destroy our enemies. #NeverForget #NeverSurrender
#PDXTECH : The 8th Annual PDX TechCrawl 2017 presented by Dyrt was amazing this year. We got to see a good number of the local startups working to build our community, drink too much wine, and debate methodologies long into the night. Thank you to all of the organizers who worked their asses off to make this a reality, I tip my fedora to you all. #Community #Startups #WorkHardPlayHard #BuildItTogether #ChangeTheWorld
When pour overs are life but you do not want to waste time with a kettle. This handy Chemex Ottomatic is a life savior for making the best brews while writing code at the same time. I love adding skill points in multitasking. #HomeAutomation #Chemex #DrinkRealTastyCoffee #NossaFamilia
Having an extreme personality comes with a slight addiction to extreme sports. When I first moved to PDX I read about this event, but it was not available the year I landed. Years passed by and it went to the back of my mind until a Facebook Ad dropped the Oregon Bungee in my feed. As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to do it. Not only did I drop once, but I got back on the horse and did it a second time. During the second run they played one of my favorite songs and we timed the drop perfectly to the launch of "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine. It was truly amazing. Was it scary? Hell yeah! Would I do it again? HELL YEAH! #OregonBungee #LiveLifeAt110Mph #ExtremeSports #BungeeJumping #BullsonParade #RageAgainstTheMachine
We all know the white walkers are coming, and we all have to work together to stop them. Just outside Bend we found all the dragon glass we need. Now we need help mining it. The fine is $500 a stone so we will need to ask the POTUS for approval. #Bend #WanderlustTours #GameofThrones #CaptainMorganPose
Never stop being a kid! I look at many of my peers and see how they checked out and live their lives vicariously thorough others. When I was a young lad I vowed I would never get old regardless of the number of years I am alive. That extreme passion for life continues to this very day. I believe in putting forth 110 percent into anything I take on, including work and play. When I set up this romantic getaway in Bend I wanted us to have those child like experiences we rarely get to do with our super busy work schedules. The fun center was amazing! We hit up the go carts, arcade, batting cages, and mini golf. Normally my partner kicks my ass on various activities and we make bets before each sport. Let's just say after hitting a hole in one at the first hole of mini golf she was not happy with the turn out of that game. We still had fun though. She kicked my ass at skee-ball and traditional air hockey though. In the main arcade we broke the Pacman air hockey 3xs, played a ton of games, and gifted 308 tickets to a local family. Most of those tickets came from Crossy Road which I have mastered on my iphone. Letting go and being a kid again does not have to stop the older you get. Try it sometime, you will not regret it. #extremelife #alwaysachild #workhardplayhard
I love finding and creating art in coffee shop coloring books!
It has taken me months to convince my baby to come with me to get a shellac pedicure. We even got massages and the hot wax treatment. I think she's hooked now. #divas #takecareofyourfeet #sexytoes 💥❤️‼️
Countdown to my drop tomorrow! I heard about this the first year I moved to the PDX rainforest and it is finally happening. I know Christine McClure is rather terrified of this, but she will be by my side the entire time. Cheers to living life to the fullest, living it at 110mph, #noregrets, and #noconformity.
When you are fitness focused, cooking at home is the best way to go. I have wanted the gold standard of blenders for over 10 years now, and when my partner’s blender started acting up I made the decision to leap. The night it arrived I texted her to let her know I had a surprise for her when she arrived at home. To be honest, I sorta felt like this was buying a Dyson vacuum as a Christmas gift because I know she will use this device way more than me. When she arrived at home she was pumped to see it. The funny truth about this is when she first opened the recipe book she commented on the fruit smoothies. As soon as I picked it up, I turned to the margaritas. I was truly shocked to see how many different things you can make with this, and a bit bummed the grains blades were not included. I opted for this model in the professional series because there are no buttons. This means it will be super easy to clean when tequila spills over the container. Yes, we will be ordering the grain container, and maybe even the shaker cup adapters. My dad always taught us to use the right tool for the job. You can go through a dozen shitty blenders out there before you pull the trigger on the gold standard. It IS the best tool. I can not wait to post what we make with this bad boy. #Vitamix #CookClean #Gains #SWOL #FitnessFocused
I've got my money on @thenotoriousmma and it would be amazing to be in Vegas for this match. Just like starting a business the odds of making it big are always against you. That doesn't mean it's not a fight worth taking on. #Passion #Drive #WorkHarder #NoParticipationTrophies #LiveLifeAt110Mph #NoFear #NoConformity #NoRegrets
While I was not able to see the eclipse fully through special glasses, it was amazing to be by the Fields Park in the darkness today. I know, I know, we did not have 100% but I am ok with 99%, and I did not have to drive 12 hours to see it. As a strong capitalist I do wonder what the revenue totals and productivity loss costs at the end of this eclipse's journey will be though. #Eclipse2017 #Science #TheEartIsNOTFlat
Spa day in our community room today sponsored by #WaveG! I was able to try an air modality by Cryo PDX on my legs. It was pretty interesting, and now I have to try the cryo tank!
A huge shout out to a buddy of mine, and long time PI PI Rho Fraternity brother, Bruce Clark @iBClark who helped me cross North Carolina off of the #coffeetradeproject list.  When he reached out to me about the project, I was stoked.  As everyone knows, we always trade our two favorite bags from @nossafamiliacoffee, the Full Cycle and Camila’s Organic. So far I have crossed off OR, CA, WA, ME, CO, TX, PA, KS,and now NC.  If your state is not on my list, please reach out. I would enjoy working with you to trade our favorites for a few bags of yours.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
When we moved into our new home we needed a place for our cat litter box. The first thought was to put it in the den, but, working next to that all day would be a drag. In our last place we were able to add it to our bathroom in an enclosed piece of furniture. Our new bathroom was way too small for that option. Time for a hack! That’s where the cabinet came in. My first thought was this could work, but I did not want to destroy the apartment cabinet. That’s when we drove to IKEA. I figured I could get us matching doors from their assortment of options. Although not an exact match, it turns out we were able to source doors from an entertainment center. The one problem was the doors had to flip vertical meaning the European style hinges would not match up. After a bit of research on Amazon I found a jig that I could use to make matching hinge brackets and a self closing door kit to keep it sealed. The other goal was to setup the space inside the cabinet in such a way to maximize litter capture. Everyone with cats knows they have a tendency to drag litter out of the box which spreads throughout the house. For this, I used mesh plastic to setup a barrier wall next to the right of the litter box with a doorway hole cut out the back. Next I rigged a second wall out the mesh that she would need to jump over to get to the door in the back to enter the litter box. This hop should shake the majority of litter off her feet. Finally, I took the right door to Ace Hardware to cut the door. After 10 hours of labor, we wanted to test it. The first night we left the right door open, and checked the litter in the morning. She used it. The next day we went for phase 2. We shut the door and we waited. She proceeded to freak out nearly all day, until finally she stopped. My partner then heard her push the door open and go inside. She rushed to the bathroom but noticed the bathmat was wet. To her surprise, Nermal had peed on the mat, but used the litter box to go #2. This was a partial success, one Nermal received a few treats for. After a few days she has started going in and out of the door normally. We no longer leave our bathmat on the floor.