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kellyman 284w ago
Birfday Guuurl.

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Spent some Sunday breaking puree with the illustrious #vinseleephilion in from Brooklyn for the next generation summit with #Juju and moms @jennaly + @hunbun1 in attendance
Juju's first time picking off of @langersdeli menu. Ultimately he went with the #19 and a side of peaches.
A light in the life of many people has been turned off. Rest In Peace Ed. A production warrior.
#Wakeup. #Drank. #Cry. Drank. #Burp. Drank. #Spitup. Drank. #Passout. Drank. Daddy why u baby sittin on these 2-3 oz. imma show you how to turn it up a notch. First you get a swimming pool full of formula and you dive in it.