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Pulled half a trashcans worth of weeds while listening to Black Flag. #doingwork #adultshit

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I've had some pretty good luck lately with my hauls.
As a man who spent a good part of his 20s in Florida I can say with full confidence that not a lot of great things come out of there. @torche_band bucks that trend. Thank you guys.
I couldn't think of a better way to sum up Lawrence. Elvis riding a spaceship.
Reach The Sky - Lost Glories. Finally scored the white /100. Only took 5 years. #reachthesky #bostonhardcore #vinyligclub
Monday was a truly amazing night and we raised $6200 for the Gender Identity Center. I'd like to think Tate would be stoked that so many people performed, showed up, danced, shared their love and sang all in his name. Special thanks to @linebrawl, @theburialplot, @remainandsustainofficial and instant transmission for playing. As well as @xigorx and @borgwarrior for all of their efforts helping piece this together. Also thanks to @xigorx for sharing the mic during their cover of Burning Fight. 📸: @jackivitetta