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First time in a car seat and I think she kinda like it there 🙂 #likeaboss #charwanmoshi @charwan.Moshi thank you @amazingbiscuit for fixing it for us!
I love friday the 13th 🙂🙂🙂 but I love you most ❤️ #jorliegoodtime
小螢儿: stares and laugh
小螢儿:laughs some more

So much love ❤️ #charwanmoshi
Wearing high waist shorts is an in thing now😌😂 #charwanmoshi
One day, we will sleep through the night again 😂 thank you ms Tan for this very very beautiful woody memory that I will always have with me ❤️ @wonderwoodworld @junetan to polliwogs dates and many many bings!🍼🍪
Last call while stock lasts 😂 four more days till the end of Mooncake Festival 🤤 my back wants to give way le #泰利饼家
Baby 你的 Chin Chin 很重 ah 😂 为什么你这样看妈咪?
This photo is too cute so i can post it again even though her papa posted it already 😂 hankie on the head, high waist pants a fashion statement since 1990🙄 #charwanmoshi #sgbaby #mydaughtersocute
Mummy can you not put that ridiculous thing on my head?🙄😂
Ling Ling Ling! It's the time of the year! Part time job at 泰利饼家😂出唱片时间到!