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hpardo 284w ago
Set up completion!!!! :D

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hpardo 1w ago
Starting my be gig today as valet supervisor. #whitepolo
hpardo 5w ago
Finally cleaned her up and got the new shoes fitted. #MK6 #GTI #AUTODIP
hpardo 17w ago
Just a photo of my super fine lady. ❤ She farted which is why she made this gesture by the way.
hpardo 21w ago
And of course I wouldn't be the person I am today or achieved everything I have so far without my parents who I've always strived to make proud of me.
hpardo 21w ago
Some actual graduation photos I thought you guys might like.
Thanks to this women's support, I was able to make it this far.
hpardo 21w ago
Today is that day ladies and gentlemen. #grad #bouttime
hpardo 23w ago
Attending my last #BTS banquet with my beautiful lady!!
hpardo 27w ago
Well it looks like Panda Express headquarters is going to explode once Angie gets a load of what came in my fortune cookie today.
hpardo 28w ago
Nothing like the morning smell of nature. Or maybe I farted...
#forestfalls #hike #outdoors
hpardo 29w ago
Friends coming out for my birthday at Joshua Tree. @cabooseboose and @willie_illiam hanging out behind the scenes as well! #joshuatree #outdoors
hpardo 32w ago
Introducing my new friend Humpty, aka the white phoenix. :)
#MK6 #VW
hpardo 43w ago
Playing in the snow over at big bear!! #bigbear #bignose #bigears
hpardo 52w ago
There's an endless world to explore our there. # Redrock
#nature #desertpark
hpardo 57w ago
Yesterday marked my last day as an intern with morongo. Today is my first day officialy with them as a front desk agent!!
hpardo 59w ago
Today is the day I hang up the lanyard and key for good. It's been an amazing two years. Plenty of growth and I met a ton of amazing people I get to call my friends. I even got lucky enough to meet the person I love here. Thanks for a solid 2 years and wish everyone associated with Skech nothing but the best. #skechers #skechgang