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ficklelew 284w ago
The TLG is in this garden... Snails be flockin...
  • p_parran 284w ago

    Gross you don't have to kiss anything that is cute ;)

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Gas station zen moment. Back home. Ready for work tomorrow. Sit on a curb and gather thoughts.
This little guy would definitely fit in a cup. I'd name him Boo. So sad.
Went ahead and took the time to discover a brother, and make a lifelong friend, this morning. You're going to like the man who returns from a journey madelike this one.
Columbia MO. Drank water and stretched out after fueling. Gnarly spot here.
Bubbles mean trouble. Leaky valve stem nut. Gonna try a fix. With my homie Zander.
Making a break with my wayward past. @jhdvorsky tell fender I got with the program. @thpbass #gudfud
This man has the good medicine. Look him up for the deeper wisdoms.
Pigging out so hard tonight with the South Austin Curb Service crew and Bob Loftin.
Ivy. That is all. Ivy. Clayton's right hand man. She slays.
Clayton Taylor. Gutter Trash Crew. Zombie Baby ditch. Great day.