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My baby girl Venus (red and white one)birthday is today ! So I made her wear her hat for a little and Apollo (her little bro; black and white) .. lol they were too happy after like two minutes of them being on 😂😂 love them to the 🌙 and back ! 🐾🐾🐕🐕🐺🐺
We like to put clothes on sometimes 😂😂😘@grind_time_hawk
Retro kicking .. everyone hated that dog ! 😂🦆💥🔫
Brought out some heat this weekend .. and my currensy the hot spitta was in town 😍 but she left Cody with gpa 😒👊🏽 #top3ones #ogairmax1s #PRjerseyforthehomeislandlol #throwbackiverson
Definitely couldn't let air max day go by ! Just a few of my favs and a cameo by @yaboi_austin ..
I almost forgot today is #nationalpuppyday. I added a member to my family this year .. say hello to this awesome duo Venus and Apollo !!! 🐾🐾🐕🐕
Yayyy! Let's go! #beatusa 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷
When your old boss still loves u .. thanks for the shirt Daniela @c_town085 😘😘 #dtlrfam
It's Monday right. Let me show my headache some loving ! 😘😘😘 thanks for putting up with Venus, Apollo, and I ! Lol we love u to the 🌙 and back 🌎.. #mcm #welleveryday
Go visit dtlr if you're still trying to get concert tickets to the trap all stars concert ! For more info call 706-322-2554 or reach out on IG @c_town085 !! You're welcome u guys *in my Kobe voice* 😘😘
Even though today is my bday. I gotta give props to this guy right here for making sure I'm always straight and fed lol ... oh and thank u for my early bday gift of a new fur baby (Apollo) ! I love u bunches big head !! #MCM #myalwaysandforever
We got to turn up last night together celebrating her birthday still and mine coming up! Love u girl !
You guys welcome Apollo Ledesma-Hawkins to IG .. Venus has a little brother now ! @grind_time_hawk @ajledesma @ednaledesmaalvelo @be_tea
You guys helping me wish my bffffffff a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can always count on her for enabling to me but this and health /hair/make up advice ! Oh and she's the best god dog mom ever !! Venus hearts her !! Lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNSHINE !!!
Out in this cold with my bro in law ! ✊🏽 #hawkins
When u go from business casual to work clothes lol ... 💁🏽Visiting my fav mirror at work 😉😉
Everyone that knows me knows my obsession with Disney and super Mario bros. im still A big kid at heart !! #toystory #disney #vans