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Totally got the rip off version... #sophie #perfume

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He takes me to the clouds above... its true❤️
My hairs doing somethin but idk what x
I'm so ill with the flu right now guys... I will be back with covers very very soon! I promise ❤️
How is this woman still so incredible? She hasn't lost her personality, she hasn't lost how genuine she is and she hasn't lost her sass. Inspo number one❤️ @jessiej
The man who makes my dreams feel possible.💘 thank you...💋
Got some inspo from my previous post.... 😱🤡
Purple Rain.... in memory of Nanny Gizz. Convinced she was changing the lighting throughout this vid 😂 we all have emotional days. And today is mine. None stop thinking about this incredible woman. Not looking for sympathy, just letting people know it is normal to have down days... completely normal. I'm just so glad I can put my feelings into song. ❤️
Considering I couldn't swim before I went to Fuerteueventura, I think Rich did a pretty good job at teaching me as by the end of it I was swimming under water as well as through it! He's the best💓
Dressed fully as a hillbilly last night and have absolutely no regrets about doing so x
New cover on my Facebook - Rhianna Emms💕