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Big shout out to @str8upstandard for the education last week at Kanu o Ka Aina on the big island. #keeptheculture look forward to seeing you and the fam on my next trip. #hawaiifood #hawaiilife #hawaii #buffet
Legends never die, spotted the #topchef GOAT @gg30000 at PDX today and shouted at him like we were boys! Appreciate the love my man!
More vintage #familyfeud footage for the #yandall squad!!! Chopped and screwed version coming soon...
When you search through your grandpa's tool shed and find a VHS of your family on Family Feud! #yandall #familyfeud #classics #squadgoals
When someone asks you what you were doin in the nineties and you don't hesitate for a second. #pogsnextquestion
If you recognize this screen we should probably kick it... soon.
Brunch at #blockhousecafe and snow on the ground outside... #dope - all about them cinnamon roll pancakes though in Dayton, OR.
Congrats on finishin your first season as DC my dude! @lukkes_king / @taylorandreaangele #coacheswivesclub
GOOD NEWS: Found this gem at a thrift store in Ocean Beach BAD NEWS: I'm reminded that The Fugees are NEVER coming back.
When your wife prank text you but you live in the sticks so anything could happen...
Which one was more 🔥 though???
You know you're early when brefest look like a next level penitentiary. #homewardbound
At that point in life where I'm realizing everything has become artistic.