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Okay guys, I made a new account because this one follows way too many people. Go ahead and go follow @battle_wrx #mtnroo #offroad #alexathewrx #sinfulsubies #subaruambassador @mtn_roo @subiworks @premiumautostyling
Took @strmtrooperwrx on some trails and dirt today to break in his new toy. That car has some balls! Some 3 wheeling action and isn't shy whatsoever when it comes to obstacles. Someone get this man a lift! @subiworks @mtn_roo @rugged_stance @premiumautostyling #subaruambassador #sinfulsubies #alexathewrx #offroad #ineedtires #mtnroo
Daddy promises to protect you from all the worlds evil, to guide you and be the best father I can be no matter what. #princesstrinity
Before 👆🏻 and after 👇🏻 the @subiworks 2" lift kit installation! Total of about 5" of lift. Huge shouts out to @monkey_wrench88 over at @jims_auto_service_crestline and @hydrablue_crosstrek for making this happen for me. #alexathewrx #subaruambassador #mtnroo #sinfulsubies @mtn_roo @liftedsubiesociety
My beautiful little chubs at the beach! She's growing so quick I can't deal with it. I love you with all my heart ❤️ #princesstrinity
Wanna give a huge shoutout to @subiworks for hiding this badass 2inch lift kit and giving out coordinates for everyone to go look for it! It was definitely not an easy task but my buddies and I found it. #subaruambassador #alexathewrx #mtnroo @mtn_roo #sinfulsubies @liftedsubiesociety
Well sweepers in #laughlin was a semi success. Ended up placing 4th in men's singles but won for most improved average throughout the season so I couldn't be happier. Can't wait for next season. #subaruambassador #bowling #stormnation #stormiq #stormbowling #stormmarvel #bowler
Yesterday at the @awdsome_lifestyles #lsosko show, I took the award for most beat. They called my name and people were cheering, others were laughing. Since then I've had handfuls of people ask me, "are you proud of that? That's not something to be proud of." What 99% of people don't understand is that I went to this show specifically trying to win this award. I'm extremely proud of this award, and all the memories that go with it. All the blood sweat and tears put into this car make every single dent worth it. It's the miles that make a man and every dent and scratch on her has a story. I used to care what others thought about me, I always wanted to be recognized until I woke up one day and just said, "fuck what people think. It's my build, my car, my life, if they like it that's cool, if they don't, that's cool too. I don't need your respect to get me through the day cause in the end, it's just me and my subaru." For those who believed in me and helped me with this build and helped me keep her running (@monkey_wrench88), I want to give a huge shout out cause without you, Alexa wouldn't be here today. Congratulations to all the winners yesterday, you guys all deserved it. #subaruambassador #alexathewrx #mtnroo #sinfulsubies #offroad @beat_not_babied @liftedsubiesociety @premiumautostyling @mtn_roo @mtnroo_sanbernardino
That's one hell of an exhaust leak. Huge shoutout to @crf250rgeoff and a CHP friend of mine for helping me install the new beast. A little raspy for my taste but that turbo spool makes it worth it 😍😂 #sinfulsubies #mtnroo #alexathewrx #subaruambassador #exhaustleak @liftedsubiesociety
Bowled a 243 today, looks like I'll be ready for sweepers next weekend. #bowling #bird #subaruambassador
@the_adfcrew @anderson_design_fabrication #memorialdaygiveaway hope to finally get #alexathewrx lifted if I win this lift kit by the best in the business!