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Finally seeing my dad hold my baby is one the greatest experiences of my life! #dorkydad #proudfather

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Thanks @spyrateradio
It’s been great to see so much support for women sharing their #metoo stories. Also shocking to really see how many women are affected.
One of the truly sad realizations of the day is that I’m guilty. Just like almost every man I know. I may have never personally assaulted a woman, but I have definitely stood by idly when I could’ve said something. Throughout my life I’ve done my share commenting about people when I should’ve kept my mouth and told others to do the same.
I’ve had off comments questioning my sexuality for the majority of my life. There have been a very few times where this put me in a situation where I was actually concerned for my safety. I cannot imagine carrying that burden on a daily basis. I’m sorry for any contribution I may have made, even if it never directly impacted a women it shouldn’t take place.
It was pretty amazing spending the weekend celebrating this guy as he starts a new chapter in his life. Thank you for including all of us @m_jamison.
If you go looking you can grab one of the first run of these little guys. There are no pictures online yet but we are launching 3 @tikitony earrings this weekend!
Don’t let him fool you, he was being a turd 5 seconds before this. #harrisonnotford
Here we go, the first batch of D brooch 3.0 is out the the new mold and being assembled. New shape, fewer stress risers, and a little bit thicker... oh, and smoother finish.
The last revision proved to be pretty stout, but this one should be even better.
#theoriginaldbrooch #matchaccessories
I’m super stoked to be helping decorate some fellas for Match’s first same sex wedding!
Happy Birthday Anna Pants!!! We’re so happy we finally got to spend some time with you again 😘😍
🤓🎉🎁 -Lilly
@nerdsquared #lillybadass #harrisonnotford
One of these days it would be great to live near Disneyland... I know we’re pretty privileged we get to go at all, but I miss it already.
#lillybadass #zocalopark
#Repost @vivalasvegastattoolounge
@Regranned from @stedfast_lasvegas - This Friday the StedFast Familia will be doing a fundraiser to support the victims and families of the senseless shooting that happened last night at @MandalayBay. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the victims and families. The entire shop is getting involved & will be tattooing all day and night from Noon till Midnight. *
We will be having options of $25 $50 $75 and $100 tattoos to choose from. *
Coincidentally it is also the 9th Anniversary of the Shop and there is nothing we would want to do more than try to help our city during its time of need. *
Please Help support by coming in and getting a Tattoo on Friday and Reposting this for us. Designs to choose from will be posted soon! Stay tuned in for more info! - #regrann