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  Posted: May 5, 2012 4:32 AM FEED
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Candid Camera winners!!! Going through a few tables were funny! You guys got creative!! I love that you guys are holding the How Well Do You Know the Couple hearts💗💙! 😀Table 14 didn't miss any!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Treats to come. Sunday at 💒 #GersicasAdventures #EngagementParty #Games
My HS bestie and his beautiful fiancé. So glad he was finally able to meet Gers in person! #Since2003 #GersicasAdventures #EngagementParty #WeAreAllReadyToMarry
Posted: Oct 16, 2017 11:21 PM
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Some of my favorite pictures from Saturday. The question since I got engaged, "Who is going to marry you?!?!!" Ive known this humble man since I was seven years old, there's nothing but love for him. His preaching/talks have impacted my life, making me a better human. I started going to church with my cousins and if it wasn't for this man speaking to my parents one day they visited, my whole family wouldn't be here at church today. If it wasn't for him transitioning over to Trinity Church, I wouldn't have met Gerson. His proposal was an emotional one, I didn't expect it, but I wrote from the heart so yah, I expected it.🤗 Too much to thank this human #TheListGoesOn♥️ #BrotherHenry aka to some #PastorEnrique #HeSaidYes #TeamGersica #GersicasAdventures
The cutest flower girls around! #Penelope #Mila #Hannah .They loved their proposals. (Their favorite dolls) #Belle #ShimmerAndShine #Barbie #💐💐💐 Missing Gersons little man E! He loved his proposal too! One lucky little dude around three beauties. #TheMiniHumansCrew #GersicasAdventures #TeamGersica #TheySaidYes
Made my morning finding this video😂...because of our Australian friend behind the scene. #OhCranky
Posted: Sep 25, 2017 2:58 PM
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When he gets blessed, I feel grateful. God has blessed this young one in so many ways. I've known him as a young 23 year old straight out of college. One determined, hardworking and so much more type of guy. I've been happy to be by his side, watching him grow, helping him, praying for him as he builds in his career. It's bitter sweet watching him leave work. He's been a great role model as a PE coach. His last week, I had to hear a lot of students say they will cry when he leaves, how he has impacted their lives...but let's be honest....I'll be the one crying first😭#IMissHimAlready! I'm so proud of this young soul. Today, as he gets promoted at the radio station to do big things, I wish him the best first day! #CutestProductionDirectorEver #PromotionOutOfNoWhere #HandleItDert #ImAProudGF🤷🏽‍♀️
Yay! I finally remembered to post the link🤗(On my profile) Excuse my emotions, I had Gers stand next to me so I wouldn't cry, but he makes me nervous🙃! #IHeldItBeProud This video he made was very special to me. The thought he put into it is amazing. This video and everything he does for me is truly a blessing. I don't deserve any of it😭! He loves me? Aww! Btw this is just MY interview, which isn't shown on YouTube, it's part of "Extra Scene Selections" along with other behind the scene videos and his journal. I just like how ugly I cry🤷🏽‍♀️! #HesSoExtra #HesFullOfSurprises #GersicasAdventures #ProposalVideo #Fiance #MyFavoriteDay #WeddingSoon #Yay
#IAlwaysCry #HesLikeExcuseHer #TheProposal #HowHeAsked
I can redo this day over and over again!❤️ Today, two years and counting! Nothing like loving my best friend! Can he just be my maid of honor and me be his best man!?🤷🏽‍♀️ #FromBestieToBFtoFiance #EnoughOfThisCheese✌🏽
After Gers proposed he handed me this journal in the car. A journal he had been writing in for months. And a letter he wrote the night before he was going to ask #😭 he def won the best boyfriend award! (Now work on the best fiancé award) @gersonakaslash ☺️jk! I finally finished reading it today♥️! & Thx @vero.arlene I finally finished reading the magazines too!! Super excited for what's to come! 🤗 #TakeNotesBoyfriends