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@ashleysinnott providing me with a valuable learning opportunity on the ways of @thegetupkids' "emo/punk" along with further upper level graduate studies on #TheDescendants 💁🏻📖👱🏻📚🤘#thegetupkids
Me (aka #G3) did a live in studio performance at Seattle's @kexp and record library tour today for new samples for the upcoming #G3 record
Free #couch in the back alley of @ashleysinnott's and my apt! Originally my sister's from an Ikea on the west coast, I slept on this couch for 9 months when I first moved to Chicago (2009-2010). Since then, it's been in three other apartments where it has been partied on, spilled on, slept on, ate cheese and crackers on, even bled on, and overall been lived quite well on. I was going to bronze this historical couch, but it was cost prohibitive. Looking forward to a #newsofasaga with the new couch which I'm already being kindly ushered into by Agnes the cat. 👱🏻🛋😽
"I shall return!" - General Douglas A. MacArthur in the Philippines during WWII ....and Andrew Garman in #Waukesha during mini-golf. 👫👫⛳️🦈
Not many record labels do it better when it comes to generosity for their fans than @italiansdoitbetter: I received two free #chromatics records, CDs, and posters in the mail just for sending them a timely email after checking their Facebook feed (which I regularly do anyway). With all this mail delivery goodwill, I'm looking forward to a future collaboration EP/LP with @uspostalservice. #italiansdoitbetter #chromatics #johnnyjewel #glasscandy
My fifth time seeing one of my all time favs, the legendary Belle & Sebastian (@bellesglasgow), last Wednesday night and they were in as top form as ever playing deep cuts, a few new songs, and many timeless classics. #belleandsebastian #chicagotheatre @chicagotheatre #tweebutalwayssubversiveandedgyyetwellread
Me giving strong words of encouragement/emotional support to Win Butler of @arcadefire on their new album along with @stprice21. Props to @stephapelvis for pointing this out and @metrochicago for taking the pic. #arcadefire
A nuts post-wedding (#ashdrew) concert week continued last night with @arcadefire at the @metrochicago where they sounded so massive with new and old songs that I'm surprised the #chicagofiredepartment @chicagofire, or @nbcchicagofire wasn't called to the Metro. 🔥🏢🔥(lol 😕) Also, I'm going to get a kickstarter for a #Régine solo album. 💃🏻 #arcadefire