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how he sleeps knowing he's going to wake us up at 6am🙄😇 #owenjalvarez
21 months! counting, saying his abc's, and singing all the songs. started full days at school, went to the end of the world, and will
finally drink from a cup without dumping it out to jump in the puddle🙌🏼 uses 'sorry' in the right context (it's the cutest) and tries to color in the lines! favorite food: 🍎, favorite book: 'some bugs' and favorite in general: itsy's (🕷) most used word(s): nein, nay, no🤦🏼‍♀️ #owenjalvarez
flashing back in honor of #worldbreastfeedingweek to 4 months into our 14 month journey of ups and downs and everything in between! for something that was so challenging and stressful at times i sure do miss it a lot❤️ ...except for the pumping. definitely don't miss that shit. shout out to @andy_alvarez1 for being the biggest support and best photographer😂😂 #normalizebreastfeeding #multitasking #momlife