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Yooooo I found a workout I actually enjoy. 🙌🏼
My loaner chest strap was being super wacky, jumping from 0% to 125% all workout. I think it evened itself out though. Totally drinking the #otf kool-aid right now.
Dropped in real quick to see what the fuss was all about. ✌🏼Weird that my ⌚️showed half the burn. Maybe I was too sweaty. 💦 Big thanks to the @otfnorthridge staff for the experience!
NOBODY wants to see the same eggs, salad, and chicken everyday, so I bring thee a photo dump. #day5
THIS ISN’T FOR ME, but holy shit is it testing my willpower right now. I’m dizzy.
When you love #portraitmode so much you use it on your breakfast AND lunch.
The view when you’re on the floor stretching.
Everyone thinks she’s older than Bowie (or even his mom 😒) because she is so gray, but she’s a year younger than him. 👵🏼
Siouxsie vs. fig that fell from a tree