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Im deleting this old account. Please follow my new account @capt_kurt !!
Bangkok here we come @mccourtneylewis bye bye for two months western world!
Happy birthday to the most beautiful, caring, and interesting girl I've ever met. I love you Courtney Lewis from Connecticut @mccourtneylewis
I couldn't have done it without these two women. I'm so blessed to have their love, guidance, and support @monica_racz @nana
Very thankful for my mom today. Since i was 2 years old she's raised me on her own, sacrificed so much and guided me through this crazy life. Love you Mum! @monica_racz
Had an unforgettable weekend in Vegas. "Who gonna stop us"?! #vegas #marquee #avicii @mccourtneylewis @steven_borrelli
Watch out for this one, she's got a NASTY left hook @mccourtneylewis