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arr96a 284w ago
The first race I bet on, I won! It was only $7.11, but still. #betting #horseracing #winner

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arr96a 2d ago
#bigtex looms over us during our second annual visit to the State Fair of Texas. #howdy
arr96a 3d ago
Nana spent a couple of days with us because we saw two concerts this week (Spoon and Radical Face). Elliot always laughs a lot when she's around. #ispylightningmcqueen @lucasmcl_25
arr96a 6d ago
We visit with Granny and Poppy (my stepmom and dad) at least every other weekend. We drove their direction this weekend and I'm so glad I captured this shot. My dad is getting on in age and I'm happy he has been able to spend lots of time with Elliot, whom he was named after. I haven't had a lot of experience with losing loved ones (not that anything is wrong with my dad), but I realize my dad won't be around forever, so I'm just trying to be present in the now.
arr96a 1w ago
We took part in #nationalnightout @twelvehillsnaturecenter. We love going there to explore and brought our magnifying glass to search for snails. Elliot was a sweaty mess, proof of how much fun we had. #dallas #nature #toddlertime #🐌 #throughthelookingglass
arr96a 2w ago
The first time for: eating #crab. Pinch, pinch, pinch. He loved eating it, but I think playing with the legs was more entertaining. #🦀
arr96a 3w ago
We were able to get up close and personal with the gorillas this morning @dallaszoo. #worldgorillaweek
arr96a 4w ago
I had a lovely getaway this past weekend at Lake Tahoe. One of our adventures included meeting Captain Morgan aboard Tahoe Gal on a 1.5 hour tour of the gorgeous lake. (We might have also referred to him as Captain @jtmoore51). #laketahoe #northtahoe #lakelife #tahoegal @tahoegalcruises
arr96a 4w ago
I have been exploring Lake Tahoe with some close friends, and I think we agree we like the California side much better. We have crossed various state lines at least 10 times in 2 days. Apparently no one could agree on a state line until 1980. #laketahoe #stateline
arr96a 5w ago
We spent a lovely afternoon with @glamtart and her family. These three have known each other for at least a year and get along like gangbusters. #toddlertime #playdate #boysandtheirtoys #strikeapose
arr96a 5w ago
One of our many afternoon destinations is the North Oak Cliff Library. I think he thinks this is his playground; he runs the aisles, plays with puzzle pieces, pulls out multiple books and plays with all of the stuffed animals. Our visits are paying off. Elliot recognized multiple letters (E,A,S,T) during story time. Is he trying to tell us something?????
arr96a 5w ago
Elliot tried on a Darth Vader costume today and he said he didn't want to take it off, until I told him I have a special Halloween costume for him! #buzzlightyear #toinfinityandbeyond #halloweencostume #fallherewecome 👻
arr96a 6w ago
It seems it is now a tradition for us to go to one @friscoroughriders game a year -- the last one of the year. Elliot had a blast: hot dog, chips, peanuts, ice cream, playground, games, oh and #baseball.
arr96a 8w ago
Elliot started screaming 'Sebastian' and running toward him tonight, which was pretty darn cute. We also had to try @bettyringericecream, well, just because we made it to Friday. #bestbuds #tasty #silhouette #sweatymess
arr96a 8w ago
Elliot is really getting the hang of riding his @trekbikes. Even though it is a bajillion degrees outside, we still go for a ride every night. Last night he told me, 'Mommy, I can do it myself!' #handsoff #dallas #oakcliff #bikerider #toddlerbiker
arr96a 9w ago
On our final night of vacation, @brumac's niece, Koren, had a lovely backyard wedding in Portland. We have added another member to the McLean crew: meet Andrew. #unofficialphotographer
arr96a 9w ago
I did something today so outlandish I'm sort of even embarrassed to admit, but I will. Somehow I convinced @johnroderick that I was somewhat normal enough to travel down to Portland from Seattle to surprise @brumac and @smoove_c with a private show. I never have to purchase another present again. #forevergrateful
arr96a 10w ago
Elliot had so much fun with Evyn during our morning play date at Chambers Bay in Tacoma. It has been 8 years since seeing @a_m_p05; our visit was WAY overdue. Elliot even knew they are good people because he was sad to leave after only meeting them 24 hours earlier. #missyoualready