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deephunk 284w ago
The winery dog, Mojo. I was hoping it was Wino.

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Important news: @judnikki and @itswhiz met in person for the first time tonight. (And good work photobomber. I hope you're proud of yourself.) #losangeles
They call me Yung Old Man In the Club On A Friday Night Martini Emoji Holler at Ya Boy. That whole thing. #losangeles 🍸
I was supposed to be in The Bay this weekend to represent w/ @makossacookout for the Life Is Living Festival. But it has been postponed due to the historic Santa Rosa fires and the subpar air quality that is related to it. Blessings up to those affected. On top of that, said air quality doesn't jive well with my allergy-induced asthma. So I'm staying put. However, the afterparty/fundraiser we had planned is still very much a go. So if you're in #Oakland tomorrow night, a $5 donation at the @spirithausgallery door will assist in relief for Mexico (earthquake) and Puerto Rico (hurricane). The tunes will be on point, food will be for sale and the vibes will be right. Show love and party with a purpose. I'll be there in spirit. #MakossaCookout #MakossaPaMexico #MakossaPaPuertoRico #bayarea
Late nite charcuterie plate crafted by @vaness179. This Is Us S2 E3 queued up.
The man who taught me everything I know about leaving NYC and marrying into a large San Gabriel Valley based Latin family. @seanathan #haciendaheights #sgv
My contribution to the Sacred Heart Festival. These sandwich signs. Shouts to Google Images. #westcovina #losangeles #sgv
I came from a woman (@brissette25), I'm the sibling of a woman (@cortneyjohnelle), I draw my strength from a woman (@vaness179) and I helped conceive a woman (@iseeceline). I STAND AS AN ALLY IN THE FIGHT FOR WOMEN’S EQUALITY.

A feminist is a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. This photograph represents my promise to be more mindful and proactive in the movement to establish this equality as standard.

Together we stand in solidarity to show our support for Women's Rights. We acknowledge our past as we move towards a collective future inclusive of women of color, transgender women & men, women with disabilities & women from all ages, religious faiths and backgrounds. We wear yellow and gold as a nod to the colors of the early American feminist movements, while expressing our hope and desires for the movement today.

@unity_in_color LA Men's Edition
Sunday, September 10, 2017
✨: @xojsmn
📸: @jatecson
🙏🏽: @shyyvonne @rosizzle
🔗: / #unityincolor
Today was the first time me and @vaness179 left the house and had lunch together as full time work-from-homers. And we did it big. #rosemead
24-hour getaway to #HuntingtonBeach begins now. Shouts to the in-laws for eagerly suggesting we do this so they can have CeCe Whinin' to themselves. Fair trade. #losangeles #orangecounty