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I can't feel my body and I have gross blisters but other than that, it was a great day of running in the Tillamook Forest. #ElkKings50k
The Oregon Country Fair is super weird but now I know where I can get artisan clipboards
Did no one else do finger guns at the finish? No? Just me? Ok. #BendMarathon
Best AT&T survey I've ever taken
Who chose lime green? I feel like that was a serious design flaw, especially for moody middle school kids
When a hermit crab grows uncomfortable in its shell, it finds a new one. My parents are hermit crabs and the new shell is in Oregon. Later, California.
Voting is important because half of America is made up of crazy people. Your vote matters #imwithher
Just tryin to win that Ninkasi #HopCooler coloring contest. I've been practicing since I was 3.
Thanks for showing me around even though the Babeem Bap made you want to stay in bed
Isn't every lake technically a crater with water in it? #craterlake
Finished my first ultra marathon. What's next?