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Thank you @scooterbraun for this. In an industry where I/we are fortunate enough to work with all of our friends, I think this can be a slippery slope. If we all lost our jobs tomorrow, who would our friends still be? And will you still go out of your way for someone else who can no longer help you out? Just something to think about. #StayTrue
Happy Birthday to one of the best to ever pick up a pair of drumsticks. @rookxx
Never been to St. George before and I was blown away. Amazing place.
This is how quickly things can change. Im home safe and all my friends are safe as well. Was kept awake most of the night by people texting and calling to check on me and I couldnt be more thankful for that. @michaelwick and @tessagavia i love u guys so much and am so happy you are ok. If you're reading this and are in Vegas please donate blood if you are able to the hospitals need it!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Hey @slimxx everyone sure has come a long way from that table at Drais Hollywood seven years ago! Couldnt be more proud to call you my brother man. Happy birthday!! ✖️✖️
Today we launched the @keliamoniz aka sister aka @sisunfocused aka pain in my butt aka best friends collection with @ethikagirls. We gave sis a blank canvas on this one to design her own pieces and creatively direct the look and photoshoot. She shot all the images herself and hit a homerun. Very proud of you sis you outdid yourself!! #ethika
One of my best friends and mentors just released his book this week! The message is amazing. If you have never heard him speak, or have seen him dozens of times like're going to want to pick it up. Link is in his bio! @mikesmithlive #legacyvslikes
Couldnt be more hyped for @steellafferty. Kid won trick of the year and made Sports Ceneter Top 10 all in one day yesterday. Lots of people have doubted Steel over his career and he never let it get to him. He kept focus, worked his ass off, and has created his own lane for himself. Now hurry up and get to Cali and out of that hurricane! #ethika
These guys work hard. I like these guys. Plus, JR gives me free hot dogs sometimes so thats cool.
@ethika stepping it up today. Just shipped 14,000 mens, womens, and kids pairs to Houston Convention center for displaced families. Thank you @mattkcook for being a great leader and making this happen. #ethika #prayforhouston
The @ethika x @karencivil PINK collection is live now at Thank you Karen for all your help and support with this :). #ethika
Blown away with how Pink and Logic used their VMA platform last night to spread positivity. Love it. Role models aren't dead.
@acehood you're the man! Love your new album and thank u for the support always. On repeat today. #hoodnation #ethika