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I've decided sprinklers are better for rinsing sand off your legs than a hose.

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As we age, let’s not focus on our limitations, but instead continue to envision how we can grow, improve, & grow stronger.
Our only true limitation is ourselves, & our minds.
“Move,” was THE advice @lady_surgeon gave as a guest on today’s @dailyburn workout, to women all over the world. She’ a doctor, a mom of teenagers, a yoga instructor & marathon runner. Just yesterday she ran 15 miles, & now she’s on live tv working out.
When did we stop challenging ourselves & start settling into this idea, that we are getting too old for this or I can’t do that like I used to?
I know, I know, I’m 28 & you must be thinking “she doesn’t know what it’s like to have achey pain, a “jacked up” shoulder, or a “bad” back. But the truth is, you’re wrong. I’ve had all sorts of weird physical problems in the last 5 yrs. In LA, I had a OBGYN, a physical therapist, a chiropractor, a naturopath, & a sports massage therapist that helped me through all sorts of physical drama.
The ONE thing I learned from all of them -- MOVE.
Learn your body.
This takes time, just like learning anything new. Be patient with yourself & your body. Be kind & set goals.
Research how to care for yourself, ask questions to professionals like a chiropractor or therapist. Don’t be afraid to hunt for professionals that you trust, & that have your best interest in mind. The first one isn’t always the RIGHT one for you.
Maybe hire a personal trainer, get a deep tissue massage once a month, soak in an epsom salt bath w/ essential oils, stretch in the AM & PM, warm up your joints with movement in the morning, ice the sore muscles in the evening, get good sleep & talk to yourself the way you would someone else’s child, with kindness & grace.
But ultimately, you just gotta move.
This is all true for men & women, but since today is #nationalwomenshealthandfitnessday I have to cheer on the ladies.
You are strong!
FIGHT for your health.
If it's hot & sunny, you'll most likely find me reading in the sun at the beach down the street. #lizzydearreads 🏖
How are you soaking up the last days of summer weather?!
The last REAL Fall season David & I experienced together...
was 4 years ago, in Portland, Oregon with these two. We were 3 months into our 7 month road trip across country, as newlyweds & we totally hit it off with Zach & Kari at a creative conference in Long Beach. They invited us to stay with them in Portland for 2 weeks in November & we had a magical time exploring an area of the world neither of us had experienced before.
Since that Fall, we’ve spent every other Fall season in downtown LA, a block south of Sunset Blvd, where the sun shines EVERY day & the palm trees NEVER change colors.
Every year in my seasonal depression, I started the Gilmore Girl’s series all over again (they do Fall SO well on that show), I burned cozy, spicy candles, bought a pumpkin & cinnamon broom from Trader Joe’s,  wore sweaters like a rebel in the 75 degree weather & worked extremely LONG hours floral designing for @primarypetals &/or @bloomwellandco, all the while pretending I wasn’t missing something magical.

But this year! This year EVERYTHING will be different! This year, we live in Michigan, & all the glorious parts of fall exist here -- fresh local apples, nightly campfires, warm sunny days with cool crips breezes, & COLORS!
All the trees glow with color.
What are your favorite parts about Fall?
she had fire.
she challenged the norm.
she laughed all the time.
she dreamed dreams that were tremendously bigger than herself.
she believed.
she was colorful.
she was bold.
she was wildly unforgettable.
she was me. ✨
these days as I unpack artwork from my college days, as I unwrap treasures from my single years, as I settle into this new home, in this familiar town I have been more and more inspired by that girl. the girl I was when I was only responsible for me, and the world was new and full of opportunity and possibilities. I feel myself lately consciously channeling my inner, younger version of myself. the version of me that didn't understand limitations or circumstances. the version of me that took risks without so much thinking. the version of me that cried when she needed to and laughed when she wanted to. ✨
But rather than just longing for her, I've been inviting her into my current days. I've been asking her to join me, when my brain gets stuck in my circumstances and tells me this won't work. I invite her to join me, to remind me that anything is possible and all we need to do is get creative. I invite her into my healing, into my business, into my marriage, into my friendships and into my home. ✨
Because she inspires me.
Because I need her.
Taking pictures will always be a part of who I am. In my early days of college I would tell people that I saw the world around me within a frame in my mind, wanting to snap pictures of everything. Today, I am more interested in seeking out new stories to tell through my images than the constant need to capture everything in a photo. What I love most though, is the places my photography has taken me and the people it's allowed me to meet and work with.
It doesn’t matter how many people believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself.
As soon as these words came out of @anjagarcia’s mouth this morning while leading my kickboxing workout, I realized that the loads of friends & family that believe in me don’t mean a thing, if I still don’t believe in myself. I’m working on it. My new goal -- mustering the gumption to believe in myself, no matter my circumstances. In fact, I want to believe in myself, despite my circumstances.
This is good.
I am a most definitely a morning person. I thrive in a healthy routine of going to bed early and waking up before everyone else. I absolutely thrive on the quiet, when the world is still snuggled in their homes, just waking up. I feel most creatively charged in that time, generally finding my best words for writing.
But regardless of what time I actually wake up every morning, I ALWAYS start my day off with a hot cup of water with a big fresh squeeze of lemon juice. To me, it's better than coffee, it's life and makes me feel fresh, clean and alive. 🍋 On a physical level, the hot water and lemon combo jump starts your digestion system, kind of waking it up and supports your liver's cleansing process.
on days off, we have learned to take a breather, keep things simple & lay low. today has consisted of sleeping in, working out, long afternoon naps, interesting documentaries, childhood movies & making up new recipes. today we made a kale & quinoa tabouli w/ the fresh herbs our landlord gave us from her garden & veggies from the farmer's market.
we had goat cheese & crackers topped w/ homemade blackberry jam & clinked glasses w/ gingerade kombucha, muddled blackberry mint cocktails (that david created). it surely was a party. a front porch Sunday afternoon party in the sun.
perfect post baby delivering all nighter Saturday afternoon sun bathing & napping spot, complete with beginner surfers & a sailboat race.

I love spending time off at the beach by myself or with a gaggle of my favorite people.
She had a perfect baby boy, and they name him Caleb.

David & I raced to the the hospital at 10pm Friday night just to snap pictures of Caleb's birth. The labor took so long & was so excruciating, we stayed all night cheering Randi on, breathing with her, holding her, refreshing her cold rags & pulling her hair back as she bared through the pain and waited for this sweet little boy to join us.
I keep replaying my favorite moments of the night, the moments of intense emotion, laughter from pure exhaustion, & squeezed hands thinking about what a bonding experience this was. This is forever one of my favorite and most powerful memories. I'm so honored we got to capture these moments, but also BE with Josh & Randi IN these moments, like family.
yesterday was fall.
today is summer.
wait, that's not normal.
welcome back to Michigan Liz.
it's 5:30am & I'm going to bed.
helped our dear friends have a baby.
it was a long night.
but it was all worth it when we got to hold him.
This isn’t a famous quote, or words of great wisdom from someone famous, but they are words I need to be reminded every day -- and I think most people wish someone would tell them.

This is my workspace -- This is where my pretty desktop computer sits on my desk, & where I curl up on our lounge to watch Hart of Dixie at the end of the day or Baby Daddy at lunch.
This is the room that my clothes live in my purple closet & I keep most of my plants.
This is where twinkle lights hang over the tv, & where the sun is the brightest in our house.
This is where I work out almost everyday with @dailyburn & where I fold laundry (there are currently two piles of clean panties neatly folded on the edge of my desk).
This is where I keep my super dark chocolate stashed, along w/ a bag of dried berries & walnuts, for my late afternoon hankerings & where @thedavidgage often finds me when he gets home from work everyday.
This is where I successfully watched five 80’s/90’s movies this past Sunday while my husband was out of town, something I haven’t done since the last time I was sick two years ago, but dream of doing almost every day.
This is where I spend most of my time everyday.
This is my favorite room in the house, despite its ridiculously green walls.
This is where I feel most comfortable, most inspired and most myself in this season.
For two weeks it's been chilly enough to bring the potted plants inside at night and rainy...and I've loved EVERY minute of it. The leaves on the trees are starting to glow with warm hues and the sun is sitting a little lower in the sky. Today however, was a perfect end of summer surprise, in the 80s with full sun all day. It's had me itching to get back on that pontoon boat with our @sacredtattoostudio shop family and swim in the ice cold water along the Pictured Rocks shoreline. The day we swam together under this waterfall was my most favorite day of the whole summer! 🏊🏼
Hi! This is me, in the wild blueberry patch this summer. See I brought along a wad of toilet paper for peeing in the woods, and tucked it in the elastic of my yoga pants along with my phone. When my friends asked me to snap a picture of their baskets full of berries the toilet paper just unrolled itself down my leg. Cute huh? You see, this is me.
I’m the one who shows up dressed practically, I rarely indulge in trends. I bring one of every kind of jacket on weekend trips, along w/ way too many pairs of socks. I wash my hair every day, & most days wear a sports bra, over a “real” bra. Freaky Friday w/ Lindsey Lohan is one of my absolute favorite movies of all time, because it reaches into the heart of teenage Liz I just can’t explain. I think I always wanted to be in a rock band. I eat vegetables like it is my job, I am 28 years old & I still take a nap every day. I have an internal belief that all things (even inanimate objects) have feelings. I would like to thank my grandmother for this gift, as she taught me to hang all the socks on the clothes line with “their friends.” My recent regret is that David & I didn’t think to have a lama at our wedding, adorned with flowers & colorful tassels to take pictures with.
For years I’ve hidden behind my pretty pictures & mostly #honestcaptions, my exciting opportunities & bold life choices to be completely myself online. Seems despite my best efforts to be 100% transparent in my feed, I have still managed to display a mostly positive highlight reel of my days.
When I say mostly I mean, what I HAVE said has been all truth. It’s what I haven’t said, that has been the gap in the story. See there is a part of my world that I am NOT confident in, & haven’t been for years....& I am ready for that to change. I’m tired of talking myself up, carrying this load.
I am participating in this #JStarChallenge this week to expose these parts of me that aren’t what I think are pretty enough for building an online presence -- I want to create with an honest heart & a clean conscious. It’s nice to meet you, I’d love to know if you can relate in any way.
my favorite kind of days right now.
I know I should be bitter about how chilly and wet it is on day two of September, but I can't help myself! while all my LA friends are watching forest fires outside their windows & suffering through the worst heat wave in years, I'm counting my blessings and soaking up all the goodness of this crazy rainstorm. I actually feel my body healing, resting best on these kind of days.
last night we picked blackberries until the moon came up bright & beautiful.
he's the most faithful friend.
the berry patch has been so healing for me this summer, truly my favorite place to be.