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Witnessed these lil guys while at the beach. Hope one of them is a survivor.
Happy birthday to my sister, Jessica. It was awesome having you visit. I wish I could be there with you. Love you.
... and grocery shop. Happy Sunday 😉
We got into a lil bit of trouble last week at #UniversalStudiosOrlando. It was a blast.
These two miss having company here. But they are happy to have their favorite spot in the house back again. LOL. #theyhavetheirownbedsheets #spoiled
Sue had to be right next Lucy. And it wasn't all because of the sandwich she was eating. Sue loves her.
This is how Tech decided to sit. Don't fall for those baby eyes. #whitedogissues
Just admiring our live oak trees. They are so big and pretty. I wonder how old they are. 🌳🍃
I take that back. I had some of the greatest sleepless days/nights of my life in my 20s. #noregrets #youonlyliveonce
Put in a new driveway for Cody's many toys 🚤🚖🏎🚜. Just need to build a gate.