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Feelin like myself again. Good to have y'all back.

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6 months of marriage down. Countless more to go. ❤️😘 I love you @zackflavalowe 📷 @lucysteinerphotography
"But Miss Harrison it helps me focus" 🙄😂
Our class symmetry sculptures. My kids had a blast. Thanks for the awesome idea @polka.dots.and.velcro.spots 💯#iteachfourth #teachersofinstagram
Happy birthday to the man who asked me to marry him one year ago. #birthday 💜 📷: @lucysteinerphotography
Just what I needed for this crazy Friday. 🍫❤
We got our marriage license this morning. We are halfway married! 2 more days being a Harrison. #LindseyGetsLowe 📷: @jarroddawson
Today my students saved a butterfly with a broken wing. ❤️#iteachfourth
It's so cool how everyone celebrates my mom's birthday with fireworks. 🎇
Happy birthday Mama! 💜
A HUGE shoutout to this man for dropping everything today to come help me with an unexpected problem. You chose to make your day longer and harder so my day would be easier. Thank you for your patience and selfless love. I love doing life with you. I love you Zack. ❤️
Thank you so much to everyone who made last night happen and everyone who sent their love and support. We have some amazing people in our lives. #engaged #lindseygetslowe
Happy birthday to my fiancé. ❤️💍 Today was a dream.
I have the most handsome wedding date. ❤️
I'm not sure how we didn't get a real picture together, but I am so happy for you. You are beautiful inside and out and I'm lucky to have you as my best friend. Yesterday was amazing and I love you forever. ❤️ see you in nica bae🇳🇮
@zackflavalowe I have dinner ready for you when you get off work. 🍦❤️