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  Posted: May 4, 2012 10:08 PM FEED
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It’s with a heavy heart that I write this… io started vomiting a while ago. We changed his diet as we thought it was hairball problems. After he didn’t stop puking, we took io in and they recommended food to help with possible digestive sensitivities. This also did little to help io. So after experimenting with different foods, we took him in again and they prescribed an anti nausea pill and B12 shots. These helped from time to time, but he would start puking after a few days of an injection. We discovered blood in his puke last week, which was new, so we took him into the vet and they scheduled an ultrasound for Tuesday. The ultrasound found a large mass on his stomach. They took a sample and believed it to be large cell lymphoma, a very aggressive form of feline cancer. They sent the sample to the lab and today they confirmed that it is in fact high grade (or large cell) lymphoma.

The vet didn’t want to speculate on how long he has. It could be as little as a month, or maybe a bit longer. There are treatments like steroids and chemotherapy which could extend his life up to maybe a year, but it’s a 50% chance he would even respond to the treatment and due to the size and aggressiveness of this cancer the vet didn’t sound encouraging. We’ll probably still talk with an oncologist just to see what the options are, but it doesn’t look good.

I’ll be having a small gathering in the coming weekends to celebrate his life while he’s still with us. Let me know if you’d like to say goodbye.

Thanks to all the roommates, friends, and family who took care of him over the years.