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cermm 3d ago
So travelling with this bitch has been something! Ideal disaster roommates for sure! Love my female soulmate forever
cermm 3d ago
Best last night with amazing humans! Thanks for everything San Fran....till next time! 😘
cermm 4d ago
Photo booth!! Loveliest ladies!! Best vacay with my bitches @devonleem
cermm 1w ago
Only been a mom for a year and already I’m a grandma!!! Meet my grand puppy Kona!!! @b_ruins #goingtospoilthislittlebitchsohard
cermm 1w ago
Lenny’s first haircut and pedicure with Aunty Lindsay!! @wainwright_kate
cermm 2w ago
Playtime with Lenny!! Sooo cute when he’s being destructive!! #lennythelionheadlop
cermm 4w ago
Probably my last day at the office 😩 Couple shifts to go inside and golf season is done! Never thought the words "frost delay" would affect me but bring on toque weather!!! I will miss the mountain taunting me every year old friend.
cermm 5w ago
No movie in the park?!? No problem!! Backyard movie!! Thanks Linds and Ty for a perfect Friday fix 😜😘#backyardshenanigans #kimberleysfinest #canactuallysee6starstonight
cermm 5w ago
Had a lunch date today! Little Hugo the female cat is a heart stealer! And loves pizza pops 🤣🤤 @dazed.n.confuzed
cermm 6w ago
Well @mhbrewco you made it to the top of mountains today!! You were welcome extra weight in my pack 😻 #whereisyourmhbrewco