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#dinanfriday, another view of the #dinan #coldair #intake installation on #e39 #bmw #540i today @ Pacific Motorsports, #bmwshoppdx
  • ed_v2 284w ago

    @nonstop714 this is how urs should look

  • The air is colder because it hasne

  • Hasn't mixed with any engine bay air, @travpaid.

  • @pacificmotorsports I'm going to need some verbal directions on how to mount that air pump so I can fit the intake 👍

  • Without a heat shield it's not a true cold air intake because it's allowing air warmed by the engine into the engine, @travpaid. It's just an intake that's different from the stock filter box (and may provide less power because of the following explanation), which is shielded from engine heat by the box, btw. The colder the charge of air entering an engine the more it can be compressed, thereby allowing more to be put into a given volume, e.g., an engine cylinder. The greater the amount of air, the bigger the charge, or explosion, and the greater the amount of power generated. This is the reason for cooling the intake air. It's similar to forced induction (supercharging and turbocharging) in that more air is being squished into the same volume than would have been achieved otherwise. More air = bigger bang = more power. Cold air = Good.

  • Can you PLEASE give me a DIY on how you mounted the air pump, I took my front end apart and couldn't figure it out. Upside down behind the filter or by its side? @pacificmotorsports

  • @m5ayvaz on an e39 540i?

  • Yessir. But I do have an M5 bumper as well as the fender liner. @pacificmotorsports

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