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The trick is making sure you stay on the board #notmyboard
Haven't post anything but it's about time I do.I can't thank enough to @are_em_berto for helping convince me to go on this trip.. and also for these great pics #london #europe
Good day to end the lifeguard season... Yea we six guards can fit in one chair #lifeguards #rockawaybeachny #dope
the swim life doesn't phase me...nor will it. #deep #9ftdeep
Is a day old but it was good way to start the year
So I tried skim-boarding for the first time. Didn't go too well lol
So this is what happens when you have a lifeguard chair and no car.. Tough life.. Credits to @christian_arza for the pic lol
Yea.. I haven't cut my hair
Hanging with @christian_arza and the other Colombian dude lol
Haven't put a pic in long time so I figured this one should go