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143greggy 284w ago
Which one guysssssss

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I know you’ll be alright. I love you bro. 🙏🏼 @kyleitoway
He’s Currently stoked about making the height requirement. I’m currently shitting bricks
We make decisions in life nowadays that to others seem like the end of such an amazing life we currently have. But it’s really just the beginning of an even better chapter in life moving forward. Tomorrow I am making one of those decisions with an amazing woman.
I’ve had so many people lately talking to me about wanting kids because of this kid right here. Can’t blame them, cause he’s awesome. 😏
NEW WEDDING VIDEO I DID IS UP NOW.... LINK IN BIO. go check it out it’d mean a lot. I do film weddings so if you know somebody in need of a videographer for their wedding. Dm me. 😬😬😬 check out a little clip of it at @oneshot_media_ if you don’t want to click on the link.
Night thoughts about my little buddy.
It was our girls bday today. What a babe. . Happy 23rd love. @giovanna_aguilera #disneyland
If I told you she was 5 months prego in this pic would you believe me? #baebae
My little buddy starts school in 2 days 😭😭😭😭😭.
Today my 4 year old boy did it again. He did something most grown men don't have the balls to do. He jumped a 25ft cliff with me today no problem. I know some of you won't agree with what I do with my son but like any good dad,I would NEVER put my son through anything l thought he would get hurt doing. So 🖕🏽 and keep scrolling. Beginner drone operator lol. But you get the point.
Thinking of making this a thing 😬🎬⛰🌊 @oneshot_media_ with @adrian_knoxxmedia scoping out the jump spot for next videoooooo
This is literally why it takes me so long to edit videos. Lol. POSTING MY EDITED VIDEO RIGHT AFTER THIS SO KEEP AN EYE OUT! And be sure to watch it.
Morning trip up to GMR with handsome so he can see the partial eclipse.
This is him all day literally. @midnightdementia with the awesome pic!
The 💩 is finally out of the bag guys . 💗🚼 @giovanna_aguilera
My littles are about to be taller then me real soon. #fambam
You are the best future wife anyone could ever ask for 😍😍 #dreamgirl