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pruffs 284w ago
My new/old favourite at the moment... YouTube #lalinea

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pruffs 3d ago
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Buzzcocks’ single Orgasm Addict, a new exhibition sees 120 creatives reworking the original cover for a new exhibition. Curated by the original designer Malcolm Garrett and DR.ME, the only restrictions given were that the designs had to use the original blue and yellow Pantone 286 colours and be sized at 7×7 inches.

Contributions from all over the world were received including work by Bráulio Amado, Catalogue, Peter Saville, Eve Warren, Mariel Osborn and many more. “From the first meeting we had with Malcolm we outlined that we wanted to try and have as equal a split of female to male designers as possible involved. This was to celebrate the gender split cover design of the original sleeve with the brilliant collage artist Linder Sterling’s feminist piece being turned upside down and stripped back to a more graphic blue and yellow by Malcolm,” explains Mark Edwards of DR.ME. “It’s also become a worrying trend in design exhibitions that they are highly male-centric so we wanted to address this, if I was harsh I would say we failed as the split isn’t 50/50!” The idea for the exhibition was conceived by Design Manchester and the artworks will be on display at bars and restaurants around the city for the duration of the event. “There will be oversized artworks in public spaces,” says Mark. “We wanted Peter Saville’s work to go into a porn shop in the northern quarter because the QR code he created for his cover takes you to a pretty NSFW video.” Exhibitions of the Orgasm Addict Reframed can be found in the window of art shop Fred Aldous and The Refuge, where there will be a preview on 18 October.

Shouts to @itsnicethat #Buzzcocks #OrgasmAddict #40years #MalcolmGarrett
pruffs 5d ago
All the 😍 for these - I mean, what’s not to like here??? @jumpman23 #Jordan1

Shout to @hntr_1 for the pic - let us know when’s and where’s please 👊🏼
pruffs 5d ago
If you have any interest in Hip Hop you should support this book... @promoonlybook amazing work from @dangreenpeace and @drewhuge
Arguably the most influential music genre in the world, hip-hop is huge. And, like other genres, it spawns its own legion of hoarders, obsessives and completists. Meet two of them. In Promo Only, a pair of very experienced, well-connected and utterly addicted hip-hop journalists reveal the items that drive collectors crazy

It tells the story of the music's rich heritage through a range of rare items in a beautifully curated cornucopia of the authors' (and their peers') huge collections of hip-hop ephemera, clothing, press photos, rare promo posters, T-shirts, hats, toys, sneakers and more, gathered over 30 years. From Run DMC sweatshirts to Eminem sneakers, unreleased records to Public Enemy dolls, genuine Wu-Tang 'killer' bees to Def Jam jackets, they're all here. Andrew and Dan have opened their own cupboards, boxes and storage units, but have also reached out to a legion of international rap nerds to ensure that this is the cream of rap collectibles. With items photographed exclusively for this collection and complete with notes that shed even more light on these covetable artefacts, Promo Only is the fruit of a combined 60 years of being in love with hip-hop
#hiphop #promoonlybook
pruffs 6d ago
Before it all got nasty... amazing photos of Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Redman etc in club Amazon nightclub NYC 1993 - shot by Al Pereira @lasagnakng - posted up by the superb @contact.high.project
@djclarkkent I see you 😏👊🏼 #Nas #Tupac #Biggie #Redman #DjClarkKent #NYC #1993 #AlPereira
pruffs 1w ago
25 years ago today! #FBF
I wasn’t a huge fan of EPMD (pause, sorry Frank) but liked the tracks Redman was on but then I didn’t really like Blow Your Mind as a single so was dubious approaching this album... however first few bars into Time 4 Sum Aksion my worries abated and by the horns of Rated “R” I was in and by the end of Jam 4 U I was fully sold! I didn’t care Blow Your Mind was next...
As much as the tracks are banging (shouts to Erick Sermon) the real stand out for me is Redman himself, his personality comes in bucketloads and leaps of the record whether in fun, political or aggressiveness... I mean his skits are better than some peoples tracks!

All this on your debut record 💪🏼 but this period saw many solid debuts

Mental note - The art of the skit is definitely worth a small book/documentary (unless it’s been done - shout me either way)

And he’s a funny dude on here

Happy Birthday (kinda) to @redmangilla
Hit Squad in the hoooouusssseee!!! #Redman #ErickSermon #HitSqaud #WhutTheeAlbum #FBF
pruffs 1w ago
Album cover of the week #sisterray is good one...
Love the devils little pot belly
Both Sides of #BingCrosby
Out and about with #DadHype #HypeDad #HiDad crew
pruffs 2w ago
Being reminded of my/our own mortality a lot recently but particularly over the last few years... another key sound of my youth has left us... Tom Petty - I remember this video for Don’t Come Around Here No More because I thought the sad vibe of the song felt uncomfortable with the Alice in wonderland/Willy Wonka visuals (obviously that was the point but I was 10) but this friction intrigued me and the song was good... I remembered his name and then heard that same unique voice on I Won’t Back Down and also that opening riff of Runnin’ Down a Dream and I was in... all those songs were so visual in their effect on me, reminded me of all coming of age films of the time (and still do) John Hughes films, Stand by Me etc... #TomPetty #RIP
pruffs 2w ago
#FBF to the trip where we first saw the Hyper Adapt in Portland with Nike... Helluva a trip! Helluva. A. Trip!

Thanks again to the guys @nikesportswear @nike
#Nike #NikeSportswear #Portland #HyperAdapt #EARL #electroadaptivereactivelacing
pruffs 2w ago
When your shoes have rechargers and motors that make it fit to your individual foot you know the next evolution of footwear has arrived
Was lucky enough to have been part of this journey

Nike Hyper Adapt 1.0

Calling it a gimmick is short sighted, think about what will come after... that's the story, that's the future

Before you ask... Thanks to the crew @nikesportswear @nike for bringing me in on this and for the results

#Nike #NikeSportswear #HyperAdapt #electroadaptivereactivelacing #Innovation #TheFuture
pruffs 2w ago
Try and surround yourself with inspiring, motivating and just great people - as much as possible, look at our expressions!!!
Makes me think I don't see good people enough and waste too much time with fools

RIP Gary Warnett

Shout to @garethskewis and @fatsarazzi for the pic

pruffs 2w ago
RIP to a truly unique and gifted man. To a man I genuinely admired and looked up to. A man who always surprised me. A man that welcomed me to the scene in my early days when many were dubious. A man that congratulated me for leaving size? and JD rather than questioning why. A man whose knowledge consistently astounded me. A man that still genuinely got school boy giddy over the good things and the nerdy things.

I wish I knew him better and had more time around him

A lasting recent memory was when he interviewed Dave for Albion project and how the interview took so long because we must've talked about so many other things. Dave and Gary went 40 mins non stop on Seinfeld alone... I also remember him being so happy that i'd brought him a Seinfeld pin badge... Gone and missed already but most definitely not forgotten! May his gwarizm site become a testament to how you should really do things
Thoughts to his family and his close friends
Fucking bollocks 😔
pruffs 2w ago
Liking this project for several reasons - the future recognising it's history, keeping it glocal, involving community and art.

The Nike Special Forces AF-1 Mid "For Baltimore"

Without Baltimore, the Nike Air Force 1 might have faded out of existence. In 1984, two years after its launch, Nike wasn’t planning to continue production of the shoe, but thanks to Baltimore's enthusiastic wearers, the AF-1 continued to be made.

Celebrating the spirit of the city, the Nike Special Field Air Force 1 Mid "For Baltimore" pays homage with B’More detailing, a custom-embroidered strap, an ’84 hangtag and comic-inspired insoles. The shoes come in a box illustrated by artist Ed Piskor, who also created a comic book telling the story of the key players who helped keep the Air Force 1 in production.

Nike has partnered with local retailer Downtown Locker Room and Maryland community organization, Jubilee Arts, on a Baltimore youth arts program that launches in October. A mural by artist Ed Piskor will be featured on the former site of the historic store, Cinderella Shoes, and commemorative plaques will appear at Downtown Locker Room, alongside where Cinderella Shoes and Charley Rudo Sports formerly existed.

Shout to @ed_piskor for great art work
#Nike #AirForceOne #EdPiskor #Baltimore
pruffs 3w ago
Looking forward to this -
The Last Pirates:Britains Rebel DJs

In the 1980s a new generation of pirate radio stations exploded on to Britain's FM airwaves. Unlike their seafaring swinging 60s forerunners, these pirates broadcast from London's estates and tower blocks to create a platform for black music in an era when it was shut out by legal radio and ignored by the mainstream music industry.

In the ensuing game of cat and mouse which played out on the rooftops of inner-city London across a whole decade, these rebel DJs used legal loopholes and technical trickery to stay one step ahead of the DTI enforcers who were tasked with bringing them down. And as their popularity grew they spearheaded a cultural movement bringing Britain's first multicultural generation together under the banner of black music and club culture.

Presented by Rodney P, whose own career as a rapper would not have been possible without the lifeblood of pirate radio airplay, this film also presents an alternative history of Britain in the 1980s - a time of entrepreneurialism and social upheaval - with archive and music that celebrates a very different side of Thatcher's Britain.

Featuring interviews with DJs, station owners and DTI enforcers - as well as some of the engineers who were the secret weapon in the pirate arsenal - this is the untold story of how Britain's greatest generation of pirate radio broadcasters changed the soundtrack of modern Britain forever

BBC4 Friday 29th Sept 9pm
Shouts to @luke_davidsonmusic for the heads up
@rodneyp_uk @bbcmusic @bbc_culture #TheLastPirates
pruffs 3w ago
Happy 25th birthday to 2 amazing debut albums and 2 of my favourite Hip Hop records - Runaway Slave and Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop (Runaway Slave edges it for me - better rapping and subject matter)

Can you name a favourite on each?😬 Runaway Slave for its lyrics and cinematic feel and Check 1, 2 that blues and that filtered loop 💪🏼 Extra prize to Showbiz and AG for the one of the worst album covers ever 🙈

#ShowbizAndAG #DiamondD #RunawaySlave #stuntsbluntsandhiphop
pruffs 3w ago
RIP Bernie Casey... guaranteed to have been in one of your favourite films (or should be!) #BernieCasey
pruffs 4w ago
#FlyLeather > #Flyknit
One of my all time favourite shoes as well... #TennisClassic

Sustainability and innovation and classic looks lead the way
pruffs 4w ago
Happy 30th birthday #DuckTales
One of the best theme tunes ever... don't start me on the lost art of a strong theme tune... New series this year... don't shit on my memories please