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emmy_jo 284w ago
My sister and best friend. : )

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I love this mom of mine! Being told yesterday and today by many different people how wonderful my mom is always reminds me how lucky, proud, loved, and thankful I am.
Such a sweet day experiencing Tate's (along with his baby friends) Baby Dedication Celebration. I pray these amazing parents will continue to be intentional with the time they have so that these little ones will grow to be people who love God and do extraordinary things for His Kingdom. #itsjustaphase #sodontmissit #tatertotmullins #alyasmichael
May we...I...never forget and always treat everyone I meet like they are made in the image of God...because they are. #neverforget #911
Let me tell you a story. 2 years ago when I joined @heartland_church I began to meet and form friendships. Several of those friends kept telling me, "You remind me so much of Marie." or "Marie doesn't like raw chicken either." or "You'd love Marie! She's in Kenya right now, but you need to meet her when she comes back." or "Oh my goodness y'all are going to love each other." and the list goes on and on. It was crazy! I was actually excited and nervous to meet her all at the same time. When we did meet I'm pretty sure it went something like, "Hi! I've heard so much about you and how much a like we are." It was a little awkward, I'm sure. Haha! But, I am so glad that we did get to meet and become friends. Marie is full of grace, patience, wisdom, love, and kindness that stems from her love for God and the people He created. Having met her now, I take being told, "You remind me so much of Marie" as a huge undeserved compliment.
So sad, you won't be close in proximity come Tuesday, but so thankful that friends like you are never truly far away {thank you, technology}.
This kid. Clearly this is what filters were created for. #theadventuresofpiperandemily #twining
Fun day! We came for the eclipse, but I think the city was grander. Nashville, we will definitely be back. #eclipse #nashville #aquariumrestaurant
The perfectly God timed lesson we taught our K-5th graders this morning is this:

Life App: Respect - showing others they are important by what you say and do.
Bible Story: James 2:1-9
Bottom Line: You respect God when you respect the people God made.
Key Question: How can you show respect to everyone?

You can show respect by treating everyone "like they are made in the image of God. Because they are." Love them and be FOR them like God loves you and is for you. Be FOR OUR NEIGHBORS--red, yellow, black, and white--and see what love can do.
Not just a lesson for the kids, huh?

#lovegod #lovepeople #forourneighbors #seewhatlovecando 👩🏻‍🎨-@hannahjoiner
I think he likes me. 😉 So stinking adorable! He's perfect! Bravo, Caleb and Courtney and God! Y'all make an excellent team. 😊 #alyasmichael
emmy_jo 10w ago
2 great years with these 2. We celebrated with cookie cake and the "Emoji Movie". Hence the 'we're #2' on our cake. 😂✌🏼💚 P.S.- I know everyone says this, but did they both grow up this much in two years?!?! I'm not okay with it. #nannylife #theadventuresofsilasandemily #theadventuresofpiperandemily
emmy_jo 13w ago
Happy 32nd Anniversary to these two who continue to try to outdo each other in creating special moments. So thankful their marriage is the one I got a front row seat for. #jobode
emmy_jo 14w ago
It was a great day! So thankful for this beautiful friend. 💚

Oh and, Franklin, even though I didn't see much of you this time...I like what I saw. 👌🏼😍
emmy_jo 14w ago
We might not have won, but the "I Hate Rachel Green Club" didn't do too shabby ending 1 point behind the winning team on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Trivia night. So. Much. Fun!
emmy_jo 15w ago
An entire week with this kid as my "side kick" was fun! You made leading worship at VBS, jamming in the car, movies, and Chick-fil-A way more fun. #cousins
emmy_jo 16w ago
Happy Birthday, Mom! The older I get the more I realize just how unexplainably amazing you are. AND just how absolutely undeserving and thankful I am that you're my mom. 🌻💚☺️ #happybirthday #bestmomever