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  Posted: May 4, 2012 5:06 PM FEED
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The Farmers X Black diamond project. @farmersmarkethawaii @gmau5

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I Don’t bodyboard but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to slide a few with this legend🤙🏾 and his friend Ben Severson. #molokaitings #wayup #boogiefleaaction #farmersmarkethawaii
Not to say I’m on a higher because I’m not but I try me best to do things others aren’t with patterns, colorways or even spin offs, people ask me all the time where I get my inspiration from and it’s not secret, I like to fkn read. How many other clothing brands or designers can tell you the origin of Goyards popular pattern or that Krypteks foundation came from snipers who would use their ghillie Suit mesh and wrap their rifles with it and paint it to break up noticeable lines and give it unreadable depths? That’s why when people tell me this brand or that brand copied my stuff I’ve become very used to it and the real heads know what’s up. I keep it positive and I keep it moving, mahalo for the continued support. #supremeforsale #drawmoretalkless #whathaveyoubroughttothetable #everyonehasanidea #noteveryonecandoit #itstakesdiscipline #perserverance #originality #somestyle #hypebeast #the_perfect_pair #brokenhardened #supremeforsale #louisvuitton #farmersmarkethawaii #gimmeoneshot #illturntrifelifetolavish #nas #timberland
This is a @brokenhardened release in Downtown Hilo for first Friday. Be sure to follow @brokenhardened for up to date info as it becomes available. Mahalo. TAG TWO PEOPLE IN HILO TO WIN A SHIRT. #hypebae #the_perfect_pair #ilovepainkillers #hypebeast #brokenhardened #gucci #louisvuitton #itsahawaiithing #farmersmarkethawaii #brokenhardened
Native Hawaiian Hunting/Fishing and Gathering rights are addressed in HRS §§1-1 and 7-1, and in Article 12 §7 of the Constitution of the State of Hawaiʻi. In order to legally exercise these constitutionally protected Native Hawaiian rights of gathering, a person must establish the following three factors. (1) He or she must qualify as “Native Hawaiian” within the guidelines set out in Public Access Shoreline Hawaii (PASH) v. Hawai’i County Planning Com’n, 903 P.2d 1246, 1270 (Haw. 1995).
(2) Once qualified as a native Hawaiian, he or she must then establish that his or her claimed right is constitutionally protected as a customary or traditional native Hawaiian practice. Id.
(3) He or she must also prove that the exercise of the right will occur on undeveloped or “less than fully developed property.” KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AND EXERCISE THEM WITH ALOHA. When questioned by authority you also have the right to take out your phone and document it which would be my suggestion. Don’t be afraid to fight it in court. #maukadivision #makaidivision #huntingandgathering #righttoroam #berespectful #behawaiian #alohaaina #mahalospoch #yeahboys #justholo #screenshotthisyousnitch #farmersmarkethawaii
I was gonna write a caption about staying ready for a Revolution but looking at this picture and the fact that I’m a home owner I just gotta mahalo the universe for blessing not only me but my kids as well because they will always have a Home not a house, even long after I’m gone and I’m extremely grateful to all of you guys for buying anything I sold and also your support. 🙏🏽 #mahalotheuniverse #goodvibetribe #butreadyfortherevolution #supremeforsale #parktings #hpp #brokenhardened #farmersmarkethawaii 📸 @js_steadygrab_
Battles fought daily on and off the field. Football is awesome but Aloha ‘Āina is more awesome.#tomeanyway #bettingtipswelcome #commentbelow #mahaloinadvance #farmersmarkethawaii 📸 @hillsidejimbo
Posted: Oct 8, 2017 7:18 AM
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Pray for the 9th Island.
As people scream gun control after the horrific event that just happened I think we should all be educated that the state with the toughest gun control law is California. So how is it that two in the top ten most dangerous cities in the U.S is Oakland and Sacramento? That should tell you gun control is more of a political smoke screen to disarm its own people from protecting themselves from incidents like the Las Vegas massacre and for all you proud Americans let’s not forget the rights set forth by your founding fathers: The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. In my opinion we’re all getting shitted on but with social Media and the internet the governments having an even harder time fooling its people but for many ignorance is bliss and it’s easier to call me paranoid than to address the problems we’re facing. #illuminati #martiallaw #sheople #staywoke #brokenhardened #farmersmarkethawaii
I will be working on my window display for the Luxury & Prison capsule we just released on Saturday so if your not busy please stop by. Maybe your just curious or you hit a rough spot in life and could use some inspiration to get past it, whatever the reason it doesn’t hurt to look. #luxuryandprison #supremeforsale #gucci #louisvuitton #fashionweek #the_perfect_pair #downtownhilo #farmersmarkethawaii #brokenhardened #thankyouinadvance
With all the technological advancements and comforts the world has to offer nowadays the most memorable and fun moments can be made getting away from them all. #cots #poles #sleepingbags #thegoodvibetribe #farmersmarkethawaii #brokenhardened