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Pretty positive we need this for delivering flowers.

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Pro tip: IKEA has a safety recall due to tipping. I just returned four 15 year old dressers and they gave me $920 for them. #clapping
He went to MCAD and he grooms #DogAngelo — he’s got to be able to cut my hair, right?
M.I.A. boyfriend @stanglerworks was at his studio making me a gorgeous walnut serving board. (In related news, I’m gonna try to be less of a dick today.)
Fitting that on #nationalboyfriendday mine is M.I.A. That’s cool, I’ll get my kisses elsewhere.
In the 100+ I’ve dined at @barlagrassa I’ve never received poor service. Until tonight. It shouldn’t upset me so much, but it was my failsafe. And now it’s not. I think it’s time to find a good gnocchi recipe for ourselves. #pastaposseisdead
Morning coffee with my honeys on our water bike is pretty much the everything. 🐩💛🚤💏☀️☕️🚴🏼‍♀️
When all else fails, head to the water. (Non-swimmer #DogAngelo is a pro on the new pedal boat.)
I'm pretty much the keeper of this whole city's worth of rejected Brown Jordan vintage patio furniture. And I'm cool with that. #preway #prewayfireplace