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This picture I took of Marvel reminded me of this one I saw just a few days ago when she was just teeny bb 😩❤️🤗
This shirt I got from #Wicket Star Wars musical parody at @dadsgarageatl last night 🙌🏽 🤘🏼 #princesssleia Leia’s rockin’ subconscious 😂 so much fun!
So this guy raced Saturday for the first time in 15 years! He did freaking awesome, even up against guys half his age. ❤️#ageisjustanumber #jakethesnake77
Packed up and ready for race weekend 🏁
DragonCon is over, so that means it's Halloween, right...right?!
All of the kisses from this sweet boy today ❤️ Love spending time with Steph and Tony this morning