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"Inspired by true events, 'Hold On' tells the story of Sidney Rhodes, a talented mixed race singer who must fight to keep her personal dreams and family life alive while working at a small Los Angeles church. As she encounters a string of disappointing auditions and struggles to save her brother from a life of addiction, Sidney eventually meets 25-year-old #VicDuran, the rebellious son of a famed music manager who greets her with an unlikely proposal. Armed with contrasting personalities and differing opinions on life and music, Sidney and Vic soon find themselves on an unexpected creative journey...where hope and redemption appear on the horizon, but the pains of the past make it difficult to hold on." Via @nylatinofilmfestival @hm_comms @alexaah13 #holdon #flavorflav #MicaylaDeEtte #TarekTohme #MauriceBernard #JohnSavage
If no one has told you this today or any other day, just know that: YOU ARE DOING A FREAKING GREAT JOB!! A simple sentence that means a whole lot. #happytuesday #qotd
NEW YORK CITY! Have you claimed your FREE screening passes yet?! Click on the link in my bio. #HappyDeathDay Screening October 11th. #freescreening #moviescreening #fridaythe13th #NYC
😋Midday snack. Need a pick me up. Long day today. Nothing like a @detourbar Dark Chocolate and sea salt almond protein bar to do the trick. #teamdetour #DetourBar #proteinbar #nom
😙Happy 5 Months my little one!
You are a getting big by the minute. At a healthy 14+ pounds and 26 inches tall, you are getting ready to take over the world. #GodBlessYou always! 🤗😍 #BabyPhoenix #BabyPhoenixNicholas #turnafter2 #gerberphotosearch2017
Breast is Best! 🤗Proud and happy to be able to keep my baby healthy and happy by breastfeeding him. 😙 Glad to also be able to bond with him.

Breastmilk it's so good for your baby and the positives are what keeps me going:
▪immune system: responds better to vaccinations
▪helps protect against germs.
▪skin: less allergic reactions
▪higher IQ
▪bowels: less constipation
▪ears: less ear infections
▪eyes: higher visual acuity
▪digestive system: less diarrhea, fewer GI infections. 6 months or more of exclusive breastfeeding reduces risks of food allergies. ▪Breastmilk is the best medicine a newborn can have. 🙀Don't shame someone for #breastfeeding. Breastfeeding goes beyond bonding as you can see from the benefits listed above.👩‍👦 I commend those that can #breastfeed past 12 months. I don't know if I can go on that long.😂 💡(Please note: there's nothing wrong w/formula feeding, if that's you choice or option) 🔑Whether you choose to #FEDISBEST or #BREASTISBEST respect other mom's choices and do what's best for you and your child.
#normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeedwithoutfear
●How to help Puerto Rico: ▪Puerto Rican Family Institute at 145 West 15th Street, NY, NY is collecting supplies from 7a to 8p. Water, batteries, dry food needed.
#prfihelpnow #prfiayudaahora ▪The Puerto Rican Leadership Council will be accepting donations of nonperishable food, diapers, bottled water and clothing on Friday at the following locations: - Mana Wynwood at 2217 NW Fifth Ave., Miami, FL 33127 - Isla Del Encanto restaurant at 12850 SW 120th St., Miami, FL 33186 - Ana G. Méndez University at 15201 NW 79th Court, Miami Lakes, FL 33016

For more information, contact Luis De Rosa at ●How to help Mexico: ▪The Red Cross opened a “wish list” on where donors can purchase emergency items for earthquake victims. ▪A volunteer group called Brigada Topos is also accepting donations via PayPal using the email address:

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You can now grab objects, reach for things, including mami's food and drinks and smile and talk to yourself in the mirror. You can also giggle and are ticklish.
Feels like you've been here much longer, but I'm not complaining nor rushing you.
Love every minute I spend with you, even the frustrating ones. Happy 4 months #BabyPhoenix #tinymoments #gerberphotosearch2017
Sunday shakeout. Could barely walk after yesterday's run, but knew that I had to get out there today to shake out the legs. That's what happens when you haven't run in a very long time. 🏃‍♀️Today's run wasn't about pace but distance. My first 5k in a while. Feeling confident. Happy Sunday! #fitmom #runningmama #strollingmommies #joggingmommies
Short jog around the neighborhood. 🏃‍♀️ Haven't had much time to go running after giving birth. As much as I wanted, it has been hard leaving the house to do things alone.
As I get ready to go back to work in September, it'll be sad to be apart from my little one, but much needed me time is required.
I am looking forward to hitting the gym during lunch hours if I'm not using that time to pump. I am also looking forward to #BabyPhoenix 6 months so we can start jogging together (him in the jogging stroller; yes I've decided to get a #joggingstroller after all).
With that said, cheers to slow beginnings. #fitmom #runningmama #strollingmommies #joggingmommies
Post workout protein smoothie and reading for the baby. Even though he doesn't understand he loves to hear me read Winnie The Pooh to him. His eyes light up and starts to giggle like he has any idea what I'm saying. 😄 #ntctraining #nowreading #winniethepooh #vegasport #activemoms #fitmoms #fitmom #reading #nationalbookloversday
One thing that I do not regret doing while pregnant, besides 😋eating a lot, was working out.💪 Lifting light weights and doing multiple reps of legs, arms/shoulders exercises as well as back exercises, really helped during these past couple of months, postpartum. 😫Who knew carrying a baby can be so tiring.
Working out while pregnant is not always easy, you're heavy, tired, outta breath, but after the baby comes out, it's a lot harder to make the time to workout. And the longer you wait the more difficult it gets.
So if you're newly pregnant, speak to your doctor and definitely make the time to workout. 🏋️‍♂️A short 30 minutes a day or every other day goes a long way. 📸 by: @johnkis25 #fbf #FitFriday #activematernity #fitmom #Maternityshoot #9monthspregnant #36weekspregnant #tbt