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  Posted: May 4, 2012 2:37 PM FEED
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Unloved - Under the Veil.
Link to listen/download is in my bio.
Thanks to everyone involved in creating this with us. 💔.
Recorded/Produced by @blackfreighter
Artwork by @revoltingworship
Layout by @blakeasfuck_
Follow us @UnlovedCT
#unloved #undertheveil #silverbulletstudios #azimuthmastering #revoltingworship
Went 8 for 9.
Squatted 529 (240 kg)
Benched 374 (170 kg)
Pulled 534 (242.5 kg)
Totaled 1437 (652.5 kg)
Squat, deadlift meet and total PR.
Thanks to @teamgpt and @corso26 for handling me and everyone else who watched and supported me. ✊🏻. #teamgpt
First Team GPT podcast is up.
Link is in my bio.
Send @syed_likes_stuff weird questions for our next one and we'll respond with weird answers.
Repost @syed_likes_stuff ・・・
WE NEED QUESTIONS FOR THE #TEAMGPT PODCAST A loosely based fitness podcast that will answer the questions the people want to know!!!! This Podcast will be humorous, entertaining, informative, the best damn thing you'll ever listen to (disclaimer: i cannot claim that this podcast will be the best Damn thing you'll listen to) SO SEND ME QUESTIONS!!!!!! and listen to @brianbellitto @danderson1310 @mc_dangles @ejanss and @teamgpt answer your questions as I (your host) slowly succumb to my insanity
Please share and repost and spread the word
#fitness #fitnessmotivation #weightlifting #weightlifting101 #powerlifting #powerliftinglife #powerliftingmotivation #squats #benchpress #bench #deadlift #deadliftparty #exercise #sports #podcasts #fun #teamgpt
Your boi @mc_dangles joined the team. DM for posing routines.

Repost @mc_dangles ・・・
I'd like to announce that I am part of @teamgpt coaching staff. I will be doing powerlifting/strength programming along with our 4 other coaches: @teamgpt @danderson1310 @ejanss @brianbellitto We take a team approach, which allows a collective effort into your training. I am super pumped, and if you are looking for programming please contact one of us. Knowledge is power homies. P.S. I am the stylish one in the group, so take that for what it's worth.