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hannham 284w ago
My bike and I match this morning #BFFs
  • Love this color

  • Looove those salt water sandals !

  • bonn29 284w ago

    Everyone has the saltwaters! Are they comfy? I am toying around with the idea of getting Ab some but I would probably have to get them online cause Ogden no cool.

  • hannham 284w ago

    @bonn29 saltwaters be da bomb. Comfy for walking, kids and adults. Eliza and her kids have matching ones. I bought mine from, they have a great color selection for babes and adults!

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Preschool pumpkin pals 🎃 the baby siblings were all actually totally content in the wheelbarrow I promise
It's been a long week for our northern neighbors ❤️
No school today for the holiday, but we spent the morning with our school friends anyway 😂 I learned that Half Moon Bay is the World's Pumpkin Capital 🤔 and that pumpkins can get up to 2363 lbs, which was the size of the winning pumpkin at the pumpkin weigh-in this morning. The winner of the contest gets $7 for every pound their pumpkin weighs and if you break the world record for pumpkin weight (which this one did), you get $35k 😳 maybe I should consider competitive pumpkin growing for my next career. Thanks for hosting our crazy bunch, @astoloski3!
Had some serious parenting/news/California fatigue this week so we escaped to the beach today. I think that all of life's ailments can be cured by sand, water, and hanging out with @cmcnaughty ☀️ #ralphandrhoda
Hi from baby me and my club feet 👋🏻 thanks to my aunt Frances for this new to me find from cleaning out my grandma's stuff
Maybe one's ideal birthday isn't spent hanging out with your niece and nephew BUT we loved hanging out with Keena today and I'm so happy that we still seem to see her lots even though she lives in NYC now. Plus, the weather in SF today was nothing short of glorious. It's like California is trying to lure her back or something ☀️ We love you @keenham!
Just when you thought your feed was safe, Rhoda's first day of school finally happened 🍎 #rhodagram
Two years ago around this time I was recovering from the first of two miscarriages. I was sad and bitter about it for longer than I'd like to admit, but everyone mourns in their own way I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️ A year ago today I found out I was pregnant with this sweaty little guy. I took a pregnancy test at 4 am (why? I do not know) and promptly texted my sister to tell her 😂 it is hard to feel sentimental about such things when you are in the trenches of new babyhood (I have needed a nap for about four months now) but I've been thinking about this anniversary all week so I felt it deserved a mention 💙
Escaped 105 degrees in RWC for 101 degrees in SF 😂 worth being a sweaty mess for @colorfactoryco if only to see Rhoda's reaction to her first ball pit experience ❤️💛💚💙💜
Celebrated Grandma Helen's life and legacy with my awesome family this weekend. A sign of a good trip is leaving and feeling like you could stay for a while longer 😭 there's never enough cousin time or puppy snuggling time, especially when you see your kid enjoying summer rites of passage in the same place you grew up ❤️ also, I'm aware that Rhoda probably needs a little more practice on the slip n slide... 😂
This morning's eclipse highlights included Rhoda watching through her glasses for a few seconds and then saying "well that was fun!" and walking inside, creating her artistic interpretation of the eclipse (pictured), and me dropping my phone off our balcony where I was trying to get a good view of the sun (it did not end well for my screen) 🌞
My grandma Helen passed away this morning, just three weeks shy of her 102nd birthday. I have been feeling really down because of the news of the world lately, and my grandma kept coming to mind as I have tried to make sense of things—she lived through some crazy periods of history and experienced personal hardships during her lifetime and despite (or because of) this she was a woman of great and unwavering faith. During the Great Depression she and her siblings were sent to live with relatives to ease the financial burden on her family, two of her brothers were captured by the Japanese in WWII, another brother died in a small plane crash when his children were young, her husband passed away almost 30 years ago shortly after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and one of her own sons passed away ten years ago after a battle with cancer. Even with all the sadness that had happened in her life, I remember clearly her laugh and silly sense of humor, which is a trait that she passed along to her kids and grandkids 🤗 She raised three wonderful children and was a devoted grandmother, friend and neighbor. I feel so lucky to have had her in my life for so long—she will be missed but there's no doubt in my mind that there are some happy reunions happening in heaven today ❤️
Lazy Saturday after a week of early mornings and late nights at work 😴
hannham 10w ago
Third beach Thursday in a row! 🤗 Whenever I'm getting ready to go to the beach I kind of dread it but once we are there, no regrets 🌊
hannham 11w ago
Still not sure who was more excited for the sticker factory tour, the adults or the kids ❤️
hannham 12w ago
It's been 11 weeks since #ralphham was born and I finally wrote up my birth story while it is still somewhat fresh in my mind. Labor is hard 😰 but this baby and a strong body are such gifts and I'm glad I got to have the experience again. If you would like to take a look you can go to the link to my blog (I know! I updated my blog!) in my profile 🤰🏼
hannham 13w ago
My sister sent me this forgotten treasure from when Rhoda was about twenty months old and we were living in Seattle 😭😭😭 I had already forgotten the funny way that Rhoda said "granola" but the last part is still classic Rhoda 😏
hannham 13w ago
On track to be in a bathing suit every day this week 👙💦 (📷: @darienlaird)
hannham 13w ago
Out of the blue this weekend Rhoda asked Robbie to help her spell "permission" on the fridge 😂 being three has its share of difficulties but I can't say I'm not already mourning the end of one of Rhoda's funniest stages yet