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User Image jacinfitzgerald Posted: May 4, 2012 12:35 PM (UTC)

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Infusing a little mint in this weekend's florals in homage to derby day mint juleps :)

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User Image jacinfitzgerald Posted: Dec 30, 2017 1:42 AM (UTC)
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I’m not big into resolutions... I try to make goals for business of course but personally I strive to do better all year haha.

with that though, I’ve been on Instagram for going on 8 years... not sure how that’s possible! 8 years means a lot of time spent in my phone, sharing my work + life here and of course navigating the ongoing evolution of social media. for those who don’t know, instagram has an algorithm which basically means in order for people to see your posts, you need to regularly post more and interact more and comment and like and hashtag and and and... and, after 8 years on here, I think I’ve shared enough for a while to give a good idea of who I am and what I do.
after spending some amazing qt with family and friends over the holidays I was again reminded how fleeting this life is, and how I don’t want to spend any more time than necessary curating and sharing pretty moments online...I want to live them instead 💙. with that said, I’m not going to disappear from IG all together (stories are great for pop-ins and I’ll be sharing behind the scenes from work here and there), but my posts just might be a little less frequent in 2018. my goal is to focus more on family / friends / clients and less on this pretty feed here.
for new potential clients, scroll back a bit, you’ll see a bit of my work, or better yet, hop on my website and take a look around - everything is up-to-date there! we are of course still taking on new clients so you can contact us via the link in my profile for more deets.

in the meantime, wishing all of you a happy and healthy new year, filled with more of that precious time with those you hold dear. may 2018 be your best year yet! xo, jacin 📷 @tecpetaja
User Image jacinfitzgerald Posted: Dec 29, 2017 4:48 PM (UTC)
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we wanted the tablescape to be edgy and modern but still exude a romantic feel cohesive with the rest of the event design... @yonderdesign created the most incredible custom menus with leather covers engraved with guest’s names in gold foil and backed with black acrylic. I love Pinterest-worthy ideas but I despise when pieces are created just for show - with this thought forever in mind, the menus inside the personalized leather / acrylic booklets were actually removable so the guests could bring them home and use them long after the big day. also, I know adding all vendors to these posts makes them long, but I’m a firm believer in not just tagging vendors, but including them in the write up as well. this was a huge team effort after all!
@jacinfitzgerald @tecpetaja @mindyricedesign @paulaleduc @yonderdesign @theonicollection @zephyrtents @casadeperrin @eastwestfilms @calebjordanlee @jasmineraecakes @favorcustomgifts @yourceremonymatters @katemcdonaldbridal @theweddingdetailor @theboothbus @thepoetrystore @thesocialbeautyco @hairbyanaak @theflashdance #magikmagikorchestra @rrivre_works @brighteventrentals @blueprintstudiosevents @standardpartyrentals @latavolalinen @gotlightsf @hensleyeventrentals
User Image jacinfitzgerald Posted: Dec 28, 2017 11:04 PM (UTC)
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User Image jacinfitzgerald Posted: Dec 28, 2017 7:04 PM (UTC)
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I’m just moving along over here, overposting today to share this wedding, ok?
as a hint of things to come, custom lattices painted to match our ceremony runway were backed with boxwood and used to hold the black acrylic place cards carefully created piece by piece by @yonderdesign. you’ll see more of this custom latticework in the next few pics... @jacinfitzgerald @tecpetaja @paulaleduc @mindyricedesign @theonicollection @zephyrtents @casadeperrin @eastwestfilms @calebjordanlee @jasmineraecakes @favorcustomgifts @yourceremonymatters @katemcdonaldbridal @theweddingdetailor @theboothbus @thepoetrystore @thesocialbeautyco @hairbyanaak @theflashdance #magikmagikorchestra @rrivre_works @brighteventrentals @blueprintstudiosevents @standardpartyrentals @latavolalinen @gotlightsf @hensleyeventrentals
User Image jacinfitzgerald Posted: Dec 28, 2017 1:35 PM (UTC)
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if you’ve ever seen photos of #BeaulieuGarden, you’ve probably seen this ceremony site with an arbor at the top of the stairs. this is probably one of my favorite venues to work with and it truly is beautiful on its own, but we wanted to completely flip the space and worked with @zephyrtents to build a custom platform and “runway” so the bride and groom were literally standing in the center of the fountain surrounded by flowers. everything down to the paint color was custom for this setup. originally the @theonicollection chairs had velvet chair pads on them but at the last minute we decided to remove them as we really wanted the bride and groom to be the only focal point in the space and those chairs were perfectly crystal clear to allow us to do just that. @jacinfitzgerald @tecpetaja @paulaleduc @mindyricedesign @yonderdesign @theonicollection @zephyrtents @casadeperrin @eastwestfilms @calebjordanlee @jasmineraecakes @favorcustomgifts @yourceremonymatters @katemcdonaldbridal @theweddingdetailor @theboothbus @thepoetrystore @thesocialbeautyco @hairbyanaak @theflashdance #magikmagikorchestra @rrivre_works @brighteventrentals @blueprintstudiosevents @standardpartyrentals @latavolalinen @gotlightsf @hensleyeventrentals
User Image jacinfitzgerald Posted: Dec 28, 2017 1:15 PM (UTC)
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upon arrival to #BeaulieuGarden, we wanted j+m’s guests to immediately feel welcomed and get a glimpse of the amazing evening ahead. #magikmagikorchestra lined both sides of the walkway just past the welcome drink display and played orchestral renditions of 90s hip hop as friends and family of the happy couple decked out in black tie attire made their way through to the ceremony. more to come... @jacinfitzgerald @tecpetaja @paulaleduc @mindyricedesign @yonderdesign @theonicollection @zephyrtents @casadeperrin @jasmineraecakes @eastwestfilms @calebjordanlee @favorcustomgifts @yourceremonymatters @katemcdonaldbridal @theweddingdetailor @theboothbus @thepoetrystore @thesocialbeautyco @hairbyanaak @theflashdance #magikmagikorchestra @rrivre_works @brighteventrentals @blueprintstudiosevents @standardpartyrentals @latavolalinen @gotlightsf @hensleyeventrentals
User Image jacinfitzgerald Posted: Dec 15, 2017 4:29 PM (UTC)

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probably one of my favorite wreaths of all time from my friends at @3porchfarm (I think we’ll leave this beauty up all winter!). 💙
User Image jacinfitzgerald Posted: Dec 13, 2017 1:58 AM (UTC)

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I know I’m supposed to be posting only weddings right now but can I break things up here and there with seasonal australian shepherd / border collie cheer? 🎅🏼🎅🏼
@chelseapetaja designed the paper goods for katie + ryan’s wedding with our french country vibe in mind; we wanted the marbled background to mimic the patina found along the old stucco walls and stone buildings in europe. seen in @stylemepretty’s “best weddings” #possiblyoversharing #theresmorewherethiscamefrom #2percentofyousaidyouwantedmoreweddingshereyougo 📷 @imryanray, planning/ design/ florals @jacinfitzgerald, paper design + production @chelseapetaja
antique crystal goblets in shades of blue (with a few pops of soft blush + clear) greeted guests upon their arrival at @pippinhillfarm. all were invited to grab a glass from the welcome drink display and help themselves to lavender lemonade, southern iced tea or mint-infused water before the ceremony began. seen in @stylemepretty’s “best weddings”. 📷 @imryanray, planning/ design/ florals @jacinfitzgerald, rentals + glassware @sovintagega
User Image jacinfitzgerald Posted: Dec 12, 2017 12:39 AM (UTC)
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how many posts in one day is too many? asking for a friend whose name rhymes with Maysin. back to the flashback party that is katie + ryan’s wedding, antique pottery vessels were filled with lush overflowing floral arrangements accented with individual bouquets of thyme, oregano, rosemary and lavender. after going back and forth a few times, we decided to use heirloom french plates as chargers - they really brought the place settings together through color and pattern. featured in @stylemepretty’s “best weddings”. 📷 @imryanray, planning/ design/ florals @jacinfitzgerald, @chelseapetaja @sovintagega @lhcalligraphy @bttrcrmbakeshop @latavolalinen @molehollowcandles @pippinhillfarm
as a nod to the couple’s shared love of traveling in france, we wove a subtle french country theme throughout the wedding details. this fabric #notaphotoshoot hand-calligraphed seating chart hung on an antique french mantle adorned with greenery and flanked with baskets containing bunches of fresh rosemary and lavender. seen in @stylemepretty’s “best weddings” roundup. 📷 @imryanray, planning/design/florals @jacinfitzgerald, rentals @sovintagega, seating chart production @idolinens @southernfriedpaper, seating chart calligraphy @chelseapetaja
each guest received their own personalized (in edible ink) macaron “place card” for k+r’s wedding. we found the most delicate little cake holders for each place setting and they remain one of my favorite details ever. seen in @stylemepretty’s “best weddings” roundup. 📷 @imryanray, planning / design / florals @jacinfitzgerald, macaron calligraphy @lhcalligraphy, macarons @bttrcrmbakeshop
switching gears from holiday decor for a minute :) over the weekend we learned that @stylemepretty named katie + ryan’s nuptials one of the “25 best + most beautiful weddings” - while we believe each of our clients’ celebrations to be the most beautiful in its own way, we are honored to be included among such talents in this round-up! sharing some favorites from this wedding along with a 2017 wrap-up this week! 📷 @imryanray, planning / design / florals @jacinfitzgerald, venue @pippinhillfarm
User Image jacinfitzgerald Posted: Dec 8, 2017 10:31 PM (UTC)
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there’s something magic about the first snowfall of the year - especially when it comes as a surprise here in the south! we’ll be watching the snow come down for the rest of the night and might even sneak in a few holiday movies (crazy, right?). hope you all have a cozy weekend planned!