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hancooper 284w ago
I honestly can't say which one has the loudest snore... Probably Squatly (by a nose)
  • Garth is doing the most amazing sleep face at the mo, sans dog, so prob not Instagram worthy

  • hancooper 284w ago

    Totally instagram worthy :)

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Really starting to green up on our burnt little mountainside 🌱🌿🙌🏼
@adamcoop might have won his race today, but this little dude is pretty determined to beat him one day 🥇 #kowalskiclassic @davysprocketmtb
Was going through some old photos last night and found lots of great ones of our old trails and bridges. @adamcoop and I built this one over a little creek during our first winter out here, after work each night, under headlamps 😆 Life before kids huh?! The steel supports were random bits of building waste left on our property by the previous owners, and they weighed sooooo flippin much. Carrying them down to the this spot was kind of ridiculous but worth it. RIP little trail bridge. #flashbackfriday
Inquisitive little friend at the window 🐧 I *think* it’s a striated pardalote, but happy to be corrected by any twitchers out there #striatedpardalote
Yay! Spotted a few bulbine lilies (Bulbine bulbosa) popping up around Widgetopia on our walk today #nativeflowersofwidgetopia
Started adding scribbly gum (E. rossii) into the “Hidden Colours of Widgetopia” blanket. All of these colours are dyed onto locally (and permaculturally)-grown merino wool, dyed only with eucalyptus leaves. Top to bottom so far are: scribbly gum, apple box, red stringybark, Blakely’s red gum, broad-leaved peppermint and red box. Four more eucy colours to go! (And a loooottttt of ends to weave in 😬) #colorblockbiasblanket #hiddencoloursofwidgetopia
Back visiting Bee School this morning. Looking forward to getting new hives next year when we have a bit more forage around, but in the meantime it’s always good to keep learning and share that knowledge... any questions you would like covered in an upcoming blog post on Bee School and how to get started in beekeeping?
Discovering Ellie’s hidden notebook lists makes me happy: “Princess. Ellie. Harvestar. Unicorn. Valley. Summer. Jasmine. Crowns. Hearts. Fairies.” All the important 4 year old things I guess 💕
An intentionally dramatic, staged photo* to say “Friends, please, READ THIS BOOK!”. If you live in a bushfire prone area... which really includes anywhere on the urban fringes in Australia... or a flood/cyclone/hurricane prone area... or an area prone to heatwaves... really ANYWHERE in our country, you should read this book. It talks you through preparations for natural disaster, including psychological preparation for the aftermath, and considerations for the inevitable changes we all face as our climate gets harder and harder to live in. Thank you so much @triciaeco for the recommendation to read this book 💚 *photo taken this morning, a few metres from our house.
Are these the same as yours Nic @nicoledbowman ? I *think* they are Spanish bluebells (Hyacinthoides hispanica). Funnily enough I was searching for them last night because they have popped up, post-fire, all round our rock walls. The Spruce @thesprucemakes has a really good article on them, if in fact that’s what they are!
Eucalyptus and blossoming crab apple. Natives mix so well with exotics 🌱💚 #tuliptopgardens
Hidden // What a glorious morning visiting Tulip Top for the first time #tuliptopgardens
Cercis chinensis and a spring moon. Thank you NSW RFS for waterboming this little tree 🌿💕
Six years and still making him kiss me, every chance I get. Except now with small children screaming at us to “STOP THAT KISSING RIGHT NOW!”. @adamcoop you go alright.
Can you tell the kids are psyched that we laid some new turf today?!? Bare feet for the win 🙌🏼
The billy buttons are back! It’s been a bit of a sad start to the annual #nativeflowersofwidgetopia spring survey, but some are slowly popping up. Yay for resilient Aussie plants 🌱
We did something CRAZY! (“Crazy” in a relative sense... we’re pretty unexciting folks over here 🤓). We bought an advanced tree, super tall for instant shade this summer. I’ve always thought advanced trees weren’t a sensible idea because they take so long to get established and need a lot of babying for several years (and a smaller tree will probably catch an advanced tree in height in a few years anyway). BUT we are desperate for some shade and nice spots in the garden, so we bit the bullet. Does anyone have any experience with caring for advanced trees? Advice, tips? Any thoughts would be welcomed! I’m going to mother this tree like mad!
#ElMoCooper Ball Pit Edition 2 (and the original from early 2016) ☺️
Spent the windy weekend thinking a LOT about windbreaks... and popped a quick post up on the blog with some ideas. Link in profile.