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Sometimes you admire Broadway performers from afar for a long time and then you get the chance to find out they're just as kind as they are talented! 😭💕
Pure joy getting to see the entire original Broadway cast of @dearevanhansen for my first show ever in nyc. Ya know, except for all the crying during it 🤷🏻‍♀️
Covering all my bases this year for Tony-winning best musicals 😎(next up is @dearevanhansen 😭)
One whole year of snuggles and playing fetch with my bud. Thank you for my bff, @elpo_dallas 💝
Get u a mom who will make a family trip into also seeing @hamiltonmusical bc she knows how much you want to see it & who celebrates the little things in life like getting to see her favorite zoo animal the okapi 💖
Chicago, I love u but your (lack of/💰) parking is driving a wedge between us and I need a break. Sry- it is actually you, not me :-)
Just some proof to remind myself this wasn't actually a dream 🤔 #hamiltonchi
You could say that when it came to seeing Hamilton I was........... willing to wait for it🌟#hamiltonchi
When ur trying to play it cool but you're standing right in front of Frida Kahlo's most famous painting 😳💰
I've shared countless memories from dance, choir, and sleepovers with this girl over the past 15 years but this one has to be my favorite to date 💖 #wildwildwestras
Happy birthday to my mom! I am who I am because of you- there's really no denying it! 💕
Pretty nice bedside book lineup 😏Also, never not reading less than 10 books at one time 🤷🏻‍♀️