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  Posted: May 4, 2012 5:48 AM FEED
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It's good to be kicking it with the homie #momokitty

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Worked on some Kickflips today while @mannysantiago built some shade 😂😂🔨⚒🔧🏡👌 #skateboardingisfun
🤔Anyone got a name for this one? 😋🙏. Full NoHo edit tomorrow 🎉. 🤳:@holdenmorse 🐍💦#skateboardingisfun
New @mysteryskateboards "Warriors" series out meow 🙌😻💔. Use code (sierra) to save those duckets on any purchase 💰👌. Link in bio 👍👆🙏. #mysteryskateboards
Learned a new one today at 🐚Eeeeeeeee 😋😂😃. 🤳:@mannysantiago #skateboardingisfun
Full slippery courthouse edit with a grip of homies slidin' in tomorrow 😃🙌🎉🐍💦. 🤳:@bradmcclain @eric_clavel #skateboardingisfun
A beautiful day in Edmonds, WA ☔️😃🌈🐍💦💦. 🤳:@jaxinhall @keystreet @curbcondiments 😋🌭 #skateboardingisfun
☔️A lil rainy day playtime in Edmonds, WA 😃🎉💦💦. Full edit gettin thrown up tomorrow 👍🤢🤑. 🤳:@jaxinhall @keystreet #skateeverywhere
Curb cuts and a lil crust 🔪🍞😋. 🤳:@holdenmorse #griffithpark
In n out like flippin burgers 😋🍔💦. 🤳:@joeybrezinski
Some #USC fun 😋🎉. What's a spot you love to hit on the weekends? Just might see you there next time 😃. 🤳:@iwilliamspencer @jasonparksucks
Flat bar fun at #biebelspark while @larellegray gets lined up in the cut by @kalife__ 😃🎉💇🏾‍♂️🔥🤳:@ericbork #skateparty
😃Spent an afternoon in #MannysWorld the other day 🙌🎉. Link in profile☝️. 🎥:@mannysantiago #skateparty #stonerlocs
Posted: Sep 14, 2017 3:31 AM
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Accidental fun @theskateanchor 😋😂⚓️ Thanks for the good times @mannysantiago 🙏🙌🎉👊. 🤳:@mike_piwowar #nightsesh