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User Image cherylishungry Posted: May 4, 2012 5:22 AM (UTC)

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"Next time think before we buy so much "

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Possibly my favorite thing in the world to bake, because after the steep uphill climb at the beginning it just keeps getting better. Getting your fingers in the gloopiest mess with the 85% hydration dough, then a slightly less messy kneading bit with a bath of olive oil, then waiting for the yeast to do its magic. By then the dough feels delicate, aerated, puffy. With nimble movements you divide and transfer them into trays and gently flatten them out, careful not to destroy the little pockets of air. Wait again for more rise. Then the fun part - toppings. More oil. Admire it momentarily and shut it away in a fiery oven. Wait expectantly, try not to go crazy. Reveal, soak in the aromas, wait again till it cools. Try not to go crazy again. Then slice into the glorious crust, enjoy some fruits of your labour, and try your best to share the rest.
I've been slowly but surely transforming my kitchen into a mini food lab of ferments...and in awe of how simply leaving a minimally prepped jar of raw foods or drink at room temperature can yield exceptional depth of flavor and nutrition over time. Working on a couple of blog posts/recipes and hope to share them soon! Meanwhile sipping on chilled, fruity homemade kombucha to beat the unyielding Singaporean heatwave. Watch this space!!! 🌼
So a certain millionaire has recently spoken up against millennials not being able to afford housing due to their spendthrift avocado toast-loving brunch habits... Yes, fancypants brunch is possible at home, I've even written a blog post about it! Now you can enjoy avo toast without eating too much into your housing fund AND take a zillion vanity photos for FB/Insta/Snapchat/whathaveyou without being judged by the neighboring diner. Link in profile 😝
It's Friday yay but the rain is making me wanna get all snuggly in bed with warm eggy cinnamon-y bread pudding. Not forgetting the numerous marsala-spiked raisin bombs hiding behind their bread blankets, away from the cold. Stay out of the rain everyone!!!
User Image cherylishungry Posted: Mar 1, 2017 5:09 AM (UTC)
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POKE BOWLS!! Everyone wants a piece of them these days but cos I ain't got no lunch money to bust on overpriced readymade types, homemade's the way to go. Recipe and a little sleuthing on the origins of this fad on the blog now, link in profile go go go goooooo
It's a cold, bleak, rainy Friday and all I want to do is dive into the inviting warmth of this barley soup birthed from my kitchen last year - not weird at all. Stay warm and snug everyone!!! *burrows in jacket*
Baked sweet potato fries tossed in crunchy seaweed, spring onion and Japanese furikake (aka my favorite failsafe topping that makes everything taste good). It doesn't get any simpler than this: Slice a sweet potato into strips, coat in olive oil, bake at 180deg for 15-20min until crisp. Then rain over a seasoning of your choice and snack to your heart's content.
How we do rice porridge at my house - slowly simmered over charcoal with pork broth, pork slices, black fungus, dried prawns. Then topped with deep-fried tofu, chopped fresh chilies, soy sauce, veg and coriander. Warm, comforting, tastes like home.
Building a snack board fit for the weekend featuring chorizo/saucisson salami and smoked cheese. Now where's my glass of wine?
What's your go-to minimal-fuss morning snack? Pretty please let it be extra creamy peanut butter and bananas on toast and we can be breakfast friends forever *chomp*
I wax lyrical about grilling kale and eating it in charred, furikake-seasoned glory. How to build a kale sandwich tower of epic proportions for the largest of vegetarian appetites - up on the blog now! Link in profile, ch-ch-checkkkit
Steadily eating my way to brunch greatness at this uber gorgeous apothecary-chic (if it's not a thing then it is now) cafe. Crabcakes, gravlax, poached duck eggs, ratatouille and the most indulgent omelette bleeding velvety Brie, avocado, roasted garlic & tomatoes, fresh basil. Brb dying
Not much of a baker myself cos I hate following recipes to a T, but the Lunar New Year beckons so I guess I have no choice...made cornflake cookies aka really just plain butter cookies rolled in crushed Kellogg's 🐔Thanks to awesome home baker-friendly site
User Image cherylishungry Posted: Jan 25, 2017 6:05 AM (UTC)
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Avo rose on my otherwise dull toast. With a sprinkling of sumac, salty cheese and pepper.
Baked French toast with a tropical touch of mango, passion fruit and coconut flakes. Because we all could do with a touch of sunny yellow in these uncertain times. Been too glued to various news channels for my own good and desperately need to tune out. Recipe + more musings on French toast and baking instead of frying, now on my blog
Charred broccolini (fancypants sexier broccoli with a longer stem, nuttier taste imo) meets a sandstorm of garlic chips, furikake, chili powder and a hit of lemon. Charring on a grill pan with olive oil and salt gives it a seaweed smokiness whilst leaving it tender yet crunchy crisp. The goods.
Attempting a (lazy) local twist on plain ok' panna cotta with a gula melaka (palm sugar - made from coconut tree sap) and coconut cream sauce, sugared peanuts and coconut flakes. Panna cotta is one of my favorite desserts to make as it's so versatile, can be prepared the day before and requires almost no cooking...maybe I'll try a savory one next?
Basic toasts for basic Mondays... Garlic toast, avocado, tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette, herbed cheese and sprouts, thank you all for making my morning 😎
IMHO, kale is pretty gross when eating raw, and if you bake it the flavor isn't all that spectacular either... So a nice method to retain relative crunchiness and elasticity (?!? pardon my limited veggie vocab): Toss raw kale in olive oil, balsamic, salt & pepper. Then grill it on a grill pan until slightly charred. Sprinkle on furikake (that crispy umami-bomb Japanese rice topping), and be seriously rewarded... Of course it doesn't just end there. Turn it into a green sandwich with avocado, sprouts, Gouda (or other suitable sandwich cheeses), egg, cucumber and mayo. Wrap in foil and bake till the cheese're welcome
Attempts to fuse two of my favorite things together - breakfast and dessert...with these milky custardy panna cotta cups (too lazy to flip them out) topped with homemade cranberry sauce (really just fresh cranberries simmered with water and sugar), granola, coconut flakes and chia seeds. Nope not indulgent at all nope