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Gypsy music night at B. Matthews. @isaacsmith86

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Handmaking all the shiny things for you. This has been me, on repeat, every day. Sawing, soldering, pickling, sanding, polishing.
If you've watched my Insta-stories, you'll know I've been eating lots of good food... now it's time to prep for upcoming Fall events. I made this subtle Lariat Necklace for you. 💙✨pic by my hurricane bunker buddy @isaacsmithmusic
Okay, Hurricane Irma, you're making us wish we stayed in New York. Be kind to this magical city. Stay safe, southeast friends.
Back to the grind....solder, and polish. One more New York picture of me and the other stoop kids.
New York, I've missed you. These past two days have been so inspiring. I'm so glad we made it in time for the Rei Kawakubo/Comme de Garços exhibition.
Rose gold necklace and Ear Crawlers, both available at @theparismarket.
Actual footage of me hiding from my responsibilities this weekend.
Saturday ready. | All jewelry (other than wedding ring) on site now. Feat. 718 hoops, subtle cuffs, custom silver/brass hand stamped cuffs, and simple stacking rings.
Who's ready for the beach this weekend? Feat. Lydia and Daisy earrings.
Bar on a Wire earrings now available in yellow or rose gold. ✨
Simple Stacking Rings available online now! Did you know I donate a portion of sales to help those in need? I recently attended a planning meeting for our next trip to Wachuge, Ethiopia. We helped with the building of a high school 3 years ago. The school is now full and we will be returning to visit the community and take note of what other needs we can assist with. I'm excited to share more with you! See, you can shop and help others. #rosegold #yellowgold #silver #rings