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k_mao 5y ago
Waiting in darkness // #selfportrait

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k_mao 1M ago
Eric in Amber // One of my earliest Instagram friends from my beginnings with this app over five years ago. That’s always been the true power of Instagram for me: making connections around the world. Thanks for the Midwestern hospitality Eric! // #k_mao_portrait #PostThePeople #AmberBox #倒影 #친스타그램
User Image k_mao Posted: Sep 19, 2017 2:54 PM (UTC)
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k_mao 2M ago
Formation // #chitecture #雾 #안개 // All the @skydeckchicago employees to me: "Are you aware that there is zero visibility?" 🙈 // #k_mao_video
k_mao 3M ago
I think @c.hoyin found the yellowest ball in the pit. Thanks @colorfactoryco for the press preview last week! Felt like a kid again exploring all the amazing art installations. If you're in SF, check it out starting August 1st. // #colorfactoryco #lonelimbs #黄 🙃🌕🌝🌞🍋🎾