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Happy happy birthday to my beautiful sis @lina_feinga ! You deserve to have the most amazing day! Thank you for all you do for me and my family! ESPECIALLY being there for me and us when my mom died. You never asked and was just there. You stepped up and right away you helped when I needed someone the most since I was at my lowest. For cleaning my house, never hesitating to watch our kids when I needed to relieve Some emotional stress at the gym, buying us food and just being there. I’ll always remember what you did for me and I love you so much for it! Your an amazing person inside and out! Thank you for being the best auntie to our kids! We love you sis!!! Happy happy birthday beautiful! ❤️
I love my handsome grizzly looking man of mine 😂😘 gosh if my mom was alive she would be on my arse about this guy and his beard 😂😂😂 love you @tokofeinga soon to be Dodgers fan 😂 thank you for being my #1 supporter in everything i do! You’re the best husband/daddy ever!!! Love you so much! ❤️ #eternallove
My sweet ovila is 10 months old! Omg she's gonna be 1 soon 😭😭 she knows she the baby, cuz when her siblings take a toy away from her she whines and gives us that look, to get them in trouble 😂 love you my sweet girl! #ovilatiarémailefeinga
Happy primary program day ❤ Elenoa's first time and she did great! So proud of our girl!!! And ovila just loving her Moccs from @emeraldmoccs ! #happysunday #feingafamily #emeraldmoccs
Smile even when you're exhausted and wanna give up! Monday-Wednesday I'm away from home from 9am-9pm at school and work then just school Thursday and Friday . idk what's been up with me lately 😩 I've been so happy and love what I do especially massaging but for some reason this little voice in my head keeps telling me "you're not gonna make it, you're not gonna last in this profession, just stay home and sleep in, QUIT ALREADY!
And I've been questioning myself, why!? Why am I getting this urge to give up when I'm Almost freaking done. Well I know! Haha the freaking old me doesn't want to fully change, Satan is telling me that I'm not good enough just quit!
BUT I have my mom, I can constantly feel her spirit everyday pushing me to keep going, I have my kids and husband to remind me that I'm their super mom/wife and I can conquer whatever comes my way! I know how proud my little family is of me and especially my mom! Everyday I get emotional cuz every time I think about giving up I think about my mom and feel like crying cuz I can always feel her and that's what gets me going. And then tell myself to suck it up! You got this! Lol
I for sure got this!!! 9 more weeks to go! ❤ #headstrong #focused #massagetherapyschool
6 years ago this man got down on one knee, at 530am in Miami, at the beach 😂 and asked me to spend eternity with him! 😘💍 I love you @tokofeinga 😍 #6years #engaged
7 more weeks of class, then just clinics ! Done with school November 22, graduation December 9th! ALMOST FREAKING THERE!!! 😩❤ ive been extremely tired lately, it's probably cuz I decided to work part time after school maybe or cuz my kids like to sleep late😂 I just wanna be a certified massage therapist already 😩😂 #researchpaper #exhausted #massageschool #arizonacollege #yesitookthepic
Happy 4th birthday to my beautiful daughter Elenoa Lose-Blake Feinga! Love watching you grow every single day! Always proud of my little princess! Love you baby girl! ❤ #elenoaloseblakefeinga #4thbirthday #4yearsold
My sweet girl Ovila Tiaré-Maile Feinga is 9 months today!!! 😩❤ she is 17 pounds and 29 inches long! My happiest baby! She is a daddy's girl, loves to eat and take plenty of naps throughout the day! Sleeps all night and is the only one out of all my kids that army crawled! Haha she's my active baby and tries to gets everywhere! Love you my sweet girl! ❤ #ovilatiarémailefeinga #9months
Didn't catch the part when I was hella ugly crying lol this one was for you mom! Thank you to my niece for representing your grandma and our family! I know she was smiling down and dancing with you!! #Pututauwedding #RIPMOM #tongan #makeitrain @sitani_t562 @catsitani
My beautiful Elenoa felt like a princess this week! Kept calling her dress "Princess Sophia dress" and the SLC Temple the Castle! Called every bride that came out the building "PRINCESS!" Kept saying "oh my dosh, so beautiful!" Always was so amazed seeing all the brides almost star struck! Haha she had so much fun in Utah this weekend and was in her first wedding party/line! Love you my sweet Elenoa!!! #elenoaloseblakefeinga #slctemple
Wonderful weekend with the family celebrating the love of two people who chose to become one! Beautiful Pututau Couple! Mele and Alani! Congrats you two!! We love you guys so much! #PututauWedding #SLCtemple #ETERNITY
My two oldest! I swear they're wild active little kids 😂 keep me on my toes but boy do they grow so fast! 😩I look forward to their cuddles and smiles every single day! Love them so much! ❤ #elenoaloseblakefeinga #siaosipelekimailefeinga #missingOvila #myworld
#LP love wearing my mom's dresses. Missing you every freaking day. #RIPMOM
Feels great to be 25! Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I can finally rent a car with out the underage fee 😂😂😂 spent my day just how I wanted to, with my hubby and kids and studying! Haha The best ever! Love you all!! ❤️ #happybirthday #grateful
Shout out To one of the smartest and loving woman I know. We clicked since the first day we met!!! Like seriously the first day I met her I told my husband I hope @siaosi_feinga717 marries her 😂Must be cuz our birthdays are a day apart OR maybe it's cuz our better halves are brothers who knows haha HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!!! thanks for always being there when I needed a someone to talk to, for being an amazing auntie especially to Elenoa! I love how close we are, like seriously when we hang out we talk for hour till the guys start worrying about us and calling 😂 love you so much! I hope you have an amazing day! You deserve nothing but the best! Happy birthday @kaylavahai717 !!! ❤ #alwaysbeenmysis #futureMrsFeinga