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_leanna_k 284w ago
Go Speed Racer!! This sweet little girl (we didn't know her) would race with Cole down this little hill, him in walker, her on scooter. She kept winning so, without being prompted, she slows herself down just enough for Cole to pass her and she announces "You win!!"! What a doll she was!💗

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Roxy is loving this new walking routine we have going on!! We had a lunch date walking one day (and got the pleasant surprise of bumping into a friend❤️) and a race with @shane_m_k the next!!😝
Today was a perfect day for a ride with #AinsleysAngels and Cole got to have fun with his favorite fruit..a banana 🍌❤️ Thank you, Sherri, for always making it fun!! We love you and your joyful energy!! 💞 #togetherweshall #rollwiththewind #inclusion #myoklahoma #letsgetmidwestcitymoving5k
This morning was my nephew, John’s, last soccer game for this glad I was there and got one of his awesome shots! (Again playing with the #slowmotion #video 😉) ⚽️
Last night’s walking crew!! Cole was being pushed by Dad and I had Roxy! We didn’t get to go for our walk tonight but when I was putting my shoes and socks on to go get Shane, Roxy looked so disappointed that we weren’t going on a walk! 😆 #sorryroxy #boxer
Last weekend at the fields, having a little fun playing with the slow-mo video on my phone! 1) Don’t kill the videographer!! 😳😂 2) Shane’s #sweet #curveball ⚾️ 3) Shane’s first hit with his new wood bat Joe had to go buy between games because Shane broke his (when he tried to kill me😬with the #baseball ) #awesomehit #killedit
My walking crew!! Roxy, our #boxer did great staying right next to Cole in the jogger while Angel, our #greatpyrenees #germanshepherd #mixbreed tried to drag Shane for a run! 😆 #runshanerun
Well, I can officially say my son is a was Shane’s first day at OCS! When I tried to get “first day pics” for the second time of his Junior year... I was lucky to get this! 😜😂 According to Shane when I asked how things were going he said “Goin great” (man of many words😆), he said it was weird to get to leave for lunch and have so much time (pretty sure that’s a cool kind of weird)and he seems happy to be where he’s at! ❤️
“Good morning merry sunshine how do you do today?” I remember my Grandma Edwardson saying this when I was a little kid and would first wake up and walk into the room. I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately for some reason. ❤️ #missher #sunshine #myoklahoma #oklahomasky
Have a #blessed day!!
Since having his #siezure a few weeks ago, Cole hasn’t been sleeping through the night. Last week he had an appointment with his neurologist and I was thankful instead of increasing the sleep meds he already takes (I hate having to give him any meds if I don’t have to.), she suggested adding 3-6mg melatonin. Thinking we all needed to get some rest I tried the 6mg but was surprised when his teacher said he was a little out of it at school the next day (this child is usually non-stop)... I cut back to 3mg on school nights and 6mg on weekends when he (we😉) can sleep in a little. Tonight I had barely finished feeding him when I look over to see him passed out in his chair! 💚 #precious #sleepyboy #specialneeds #cerebralpalsy #cp #dystonia BTW...I still have SO much to learn about DYSTONIA and Just realized today that September is #dystoniaawareness month. I do know that dystonia is a painful muscle disorder and a diagnosis given to Cole. I often wonder about his pain that he can’t tell us about! 💔💙💚
Update on our of yesterday it has made it’s home from our fence to our trash far I haven’t let anyone use that trash can..I like checking on the spider! 😄 I was told this is also called a Zipper Spider because of the zipper in the web (you can see it in the looks cool!) We’ve had rain today and supposed to get more tomorrow so we will see if it survives! 🕷
Happy Monday!! Make it a great new beginning!! ❤️☀️❤️ #goodmorning #sunshine #happymonday #myoklahoma #behappy #sunrise
It’s always so much fun watching my nephew John play....way to kick that ball ...over and over again!!😜😂 #fun #ios11 #livephoto #update @johnnyradiookc
This #itsybitsyspider was not so #itsybitsy 😳 Shane spotted this baby when he was bringing the trash cans in today. And I just knew it was going to attack me while I was taking the pics! 😩 (it was just the wind blowing but it was freaking me out!!😆) #itsalive #gardenspider
WooHoo!! I finally figured out how to post multiple shots without them being cropped into a square!! #dontmakemeusesquares #dontboxmein #landscape #myoklahoma #oklahomasunset
My helper got sidetracked cheering on the soccer players instead of helping me sweep the sidewalk and cut back some tree branches!! #itshardtofindgoodhelp 😜He also found a frog to try to roll over! 😳🐸 #poorfrog #isavedthefrog #allinadayswork
"There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can't. What you've got to do is turn around and say "Watch me." ~Bryce Harper/ Awesome job on the mound last week Shane!! So thankful for people that do believe in you!