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It's cold.

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In love with this rolling shot of my car taken by @crosstrekking!
Jeep, schmeep. My #Subaru takes me places just fine. I can't wait to make it even more capable 😈
Thank you @crosstrekking for the video!
So this is why you adjust your radiator hoses after you do a body lift. Luckily I was able to slide the hose onto what was left of the inlet and clamp it down enough to get me home from the trails. #Whoops!
Had a great time camping and exploring with the @mtnroo_rainier squad this weekend!
Got some new glamor shots of my babe too ;)
Sometimes I feel like I should be feeding him dog food...
Checking projects off the list today! Anyone want a free 1999 Outback? It's a legacy now... no more body lift. No title, good parts car. Comes with the dual cam 2.5 and auto trans. Will drive onto your trailer but I wouldn't drive it any further.
Joined the "roof basket with spare tire" club this week. Glad to get it out of my back seat! #SubaruThings
"Knock, knock." "Who's there?" Rod #1 found its way out.
Night time missions to dirty up the cars.
Come to the South Tacoma Way car show tomorrow, the 19th, to see some lifted subarus and vote for the dirtiest one! It runs 10am - 4pm. Should be a good time!
Where's the beef?
Close to finished with my #subaru. Got the wheels on and the rear mud flaps too. It took alot for me to decide to start cutting fenders and drilling bumpers but here we are and I'm glad I did it.
--More pictures to come.
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