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  Posted: May 4, 2012 12:19 AM FEED
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Promo spot for @diydebtrelief from August of last year. Thanks for letting me assist this one @madcrazypro. Glad we found the homie @fuerology body double to tell you how to not blow your credit.
2 weeks til 🏀season. Hot Ones with K Love from March of this year. 🎥 @ericlongden
Sony VX2100 with Century Mk2 still for sale for 650 cash. Looking to sell local to anyone in LA. No individual item sales. Link in bio to Craigslist post for more info. Comes with 4, batteries, 2 chargers, AC power supply and a old crappy camera bag. DM if interested. No international shipping!!!! Tape deck and LCD are fully replaced from Sony by Tek Media group in Burbank. #sonyvx2100 #vx2100
Sneaker Shopping with Lil Yachty for Complex Media I worked on back in June is live today on YouTube. 🎥 @stuckonstupid @ericlongden @the_breadcrumb_trail @mitchellschultzfilms
Posted: Jul 28, 2017 6:43 PM
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If anyone has a copy of the @momentumwheels Un Momentum Por Favor video from 2007 lying around they want me to sell hit me up. It's a rare one to find. @thesecrettape
When you white balance your camera and your shit is purple. Unseen one with @mattlemond_ August 2010 #vx1000 #3ccd #jerrybutler
Happy bday my og Young Starks @the_kiffington_post. Rare freestyle form from July of 2009.
New visual for Trinidad James Di$respectful live now on YouTube. Thanks for letting me AC on this one @mikemarasco. Knocking out music videos like it's a skate clip. 🙏👌🏼👍📹
Happy 4th of July. You can have it!!!!
Thank you to everyone who has supported the shop these past 3 years. Support surfer/skater owned and small business in your community!!!!! lets party!!!!! 🍾🍾🍾 There will be a DUI checkpoint in Santa Monica the night of this event so please be responsible!!!!