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Enjoyed a lovely evening several nights ago with this beautiful babe at the tiki room in Clifton's. I love this lady. 🔥❤🔥
Ey dude, I like, back you man. Happy birthday to a cool ass bad ass rad ass dude, ass. I love my brotha. Happy 28th @evansnoise.
Tonight's the night y'all. @zebulonla. @youaretheentireuniverse residency night 2. Featuring us (@mothdropsband),, and @billychanger. @drinkingflowers, @thepesos, and @ramakawa are DJing all night, @mono_vision is bringing the visuals. WE ON AT 9 SHARP. SHOW IS FREE: You do not want to miss this one.
This Monday night (9/11) @mothdropsband is playing night 2 of @youaretheentireuniverse 's residency @zebulonla with and @billychanger . @drinkingflowers @thepesos and @ramakawa are DJing and @mono_vision is providing some slick visuals to paint the room. It's gonna be fucking killer, it's fucking free, and we got new shit for ya! This shit was packed to the brim last week so get here early, we play at 9 mothafuckaaa!
YOU. September 11th, we (@mothdropsband) play night two of @youaretheentireuniverse residency at @zebulonla with and @billychanger. Featuring Lindsey of @deapvally, the peeps from @drinkingflowers, and @ramakawa spinning records all night. Retina-boiling visuals in store by @mono_vision. It's going to be a fackin riot y'all, don't miss out. Best of all, shit is FREEEEE #zebulon #mothdrops #echopark #frogtown #silverlake #deathshead #newsongs #newset #cochlearpillaging #slaughtowa #yamsalad
Here I'm iz, the zomby woof. From a recent @mothdropsband shoot with the one and only @mprelic
Come see @mothdropsband at @griffinbarla tonight at 11, I'm playing drums, cruise through and get shwifty
Playin a sick warehouse shindig with @theabigails @goldenanimals and The Worst tomorrow night at 9, @theentireuniversegram is DJing! DM for the address, $5 muchachos! @mothdropsband : Shot at @theechola a couple weeks ago by @notesfromvivace
2NYTE! @mothdropsband is playing a FREE show @theechola for the 3rd night of @barrowstheband residency, alongside the homies in @psychicjiujitsu and @dreamphases. We play at 10, don't miss Psychic Jiu-Jitsu opening at 9! Bring your friends, family, and small dogs, for our enjoyment. It's gonna be a killer show, get your sweet asses over here and hecho our echo. #theecho #mothdrops #barrows #dreamphases #psychicjiujitsu #sex #explosions
Happy birthday angel, you are the intensely reactive atoms that propel my particle rocket space craft to solar systems beyond measurable reach. May we live and love 'til solar decay erodes our planet and our atoms fuse in a light-speed vortex that enters the belly of a globulous cloud where another star is born. #happybirthdayjenn #spacelove
From band geek to nurse nerd, you are positively wonderful, and I am fortunate enough to have had such a loving and supportive upbringing. Happy Mother's Day mama. #Mamadan
The Snyder boys at the recreated 2001: A Space Odyssey end scene room, amidst a bunch of other rad exhibits at The 14th Factory.
Ce soir, @mothdropsband is playing a smokin' set with @dreamphases at @refugesalon in Highland Park, preceding the Hipsville Launch Party w/ the Creation Factory at The Offbeat Bar. We play at 9 sharp. The world is going up in flames, come watch us piss it out. Brought to you by Raytheon Tomahawk Missiles.
Myself, and my parent's stinking progeny at the Alamo, taking in the musky scent of courage in the face of certain annihilation, with a hefty spoonful of Texan pride and independence. I miss this state very much. Many thanks 📷: @dleeblackwell and @jakobovden in spirit.