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misomia 284w ago
Repost @danislate ;) had fun

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@whiskeydogwares is doing a giveaway and I hope I win! Go to her page for rules on how to enter! ✌🏽🙏🏾
Looks like these two babes will be rings 🔥 thanks for voting 👯👯👯
My attempt at making a pocket knife and it's pretty janxy 😂 but cute too.
Couldn't resist making this monarch opal into an eye. With a rainbow moonstone dangling underneath #moonstone #monarchopal #witchy #happyhalloween #love #halloween #opal
This was 3 years ago and boy am I glad I didn't give up. ❤️
So let me just gush over this new bag I got today from @gangotenac ❤️ it's so magical! Not only is it handmade but it even says st Pete fl in the logo and that just makes my heart smile 😍
Three markets in a row and I am beat! But today some more monarch opals came in 😍 and they are so beautiful it hurts. Also added some moonstone and carved labradorite pieces 🤤
I knew it wouldn't be long before this one found its perfect match! I miss you already you beautiful Custer of a ring. You stole my heart but I can't keep everything I make 😭
This beauty is still available. But that's ok, it will find its perfect home soon enough and I don't mind being able to wear it around town in the meantime 😍
This big badass custom will be going to its new home tonight but I wanted to snag a decent pic before it does. Come see me tonight in ybor at the @widdershinsdarkmarket located inside of the dirty shame 🖤 all of my fellow makers will be there as well as drinks and music and fun! See you all tonight 👯
My fav vendors and I will be set up tomorrow at @the_blue_goose for the night market 🎉 this is my first time vending at this market and I'm so excited. My favs @aesthetic.arrest @lunarleather @stonedandcharming will also be set up. Can't wait to see all you beautiful people ❤️❤️
First sweater purchase of the season... even though it's 90 degrees outside. I'm preparing for when it drops to below 70 in February 😂 also, it's always nice to bundle up in the air conditioned house 🤗